Thief Korean Dramas & Movies

I'm Sorry

I’m Sorry, I Love You

Rank #1996

Cha Moo Hyuk was adopted by an Australian family but was damaging actiond and left homeless at an early age. One day, he comes across Song Eun Chae, the coordinator...

The Pirates (2014)

The Pirates 1

Rank #2520

On the eve of the founding of the Joseon Dynasty, a delegation of Chinese envoys is transporting the Emperor’s State Seal only to have it swallowed by a whale mid-journey....

Yoo Na's Street (2014)

Yoo Na’s Street

Rank #3720

Yu Na, who used to be part of the dark world as a thief, sometimes goes back to her old habits. When she moves into a multiplex house, she meets...

Derailed (2016)


Rank #5342

Jin Il and Ga Yeong are teenage runaways who live like a family with other runaway children. Sometimes they do some delivery work, sometimes they steal things to make their...

Dig or Die

Dig or Die

Rank #40553

Three not-so-bright thieves decide to get rich by attempting the most audacious heist imaginable. Their plan? To raid police evidence lock-up and make off with a small fortune in cash....