Taxi Driver Male Lead Korean Dramas & Movies

Taxi Driver (2021)

Taxi Driver

Rank #139

Do Gi has lived more honestly than anyone else as an officer in the Special Forces. Yet, when a serial terminateer criminals his mother, he spends his days in agony....

Maybe (2009)


Rank #7770

A love story/road movie about a man who suffers from rare heart disease and a woman who’s searching for her past using the scar on her shoulder. May is a...

Taxi Driver Season 2

Rank #34430

Do Ki seals the end of the painful vengeance against his mother’s terminateer, but the wounds remain. The whistling that reminds him of his mother’s last moment still lingers around...

Delivery Man (2023)

Delivery Man

Rank #34630

A young taxi driver finds himself with the ghost of a young woman in his car… and then a business proposition to offer rides to ghosts instead of humans. Together,...

A Very Lucky Day

Rank #34720

~~ Adapted from the webtoon “Unsuojinnal” (운수 오진 날) by Aporia (아포리아)....

Drama Stage Season 3: Blackout (2020)

Drama Stage Season 3: Blackout

Rank #42666

A money bag, a red dress and a dead body; a taxi driver tracks down the truth of an 8 hour ‘blackout’ he experiences. (Source: HanCinema)...

Oh! My God 2

Oh! My God 2

Rank #56869

Lim Jung- Hwan is the successor to Korea’s largest taxi business, and is enjoying the extravagant nightlife and luxury shopping that comes with his future fortune. Yet, Jung Hwan’s ostentatious...



Rank #58518

Looking for a new start, a young taxi driver moves into Apt. 504 of an old tenement named Migum Apartments. He soon finds that the previous tenant died mysteriously, and...

I'm Horny Now!

I’m Horny Now!

Rank #58980

Love story of a naughty taxi driver and a wicked gay boy....