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Going Seventeen 2020 (2020)

Going Seventeen 2020

Rank #1

A show which takes us through fun and games with each SEVENTEEN member. This year the format will also include “Monthly Seventeen” in which a designated member will be in...

Going Seventeen 2019 (2019)

Going Seventeen 2019

Rank #26

The show on official SEVENTEEN YT channel which takes us behind the scene of SEVENTEEN’s member....

Let's BTS (2021)

Let’s BTS

Rank #59

Hosted by Shin Dong Yup, the show features a never-before-seen, up-close and personal side of BTS, shown across a variety of different segments. BTS have a chance to honestly open...

Show!terview with Jessi (2020)

Show!terview with Jessi

Rank #87

Jessi is a Korean-American rapper and singer who brings a new style of talk show to South Korea. She is cheerful, straightforward, bold and witty with the hottest singers, actors...

Knowing Bros (2015)

Knowing Bros

Rank #103

It is a sitcom talk show program set in a school. In each episode, new celebrity guests appear as transfer students at the ‘Brother School’ where seven mischievous brother students...

Run BTS! Season 3 (2019)

Run BTS! Season 3

Rank #117

Run BTS! is a reality show starring BTS, where they play various and often unique games, competing individually or in groups. Season 3 starts from episode 57. (Source: MyDramaList)...

Going Seventeen (2017)

Going Seventeen

Rank #135

A behind the scenes look at South Korean boy band Seventeen’s members....

Coffee Friends (2019)

Coffee Friends

Rank #150

A variety show that follows Yoo Yeon Seok and Son Ho Jun as they run a cafe in a tangerine farm on Jeju Island, with their profits being donated to...

Run BTS! Season 2 (2017)

Run BTS! Season 2

Rank #157

Run BTS! is a reality show starring BTS, where they play various games and compete in various competitions individually or in groups. Season 2 ran from episodes 11-56....

Run BTS! Season 1 (2015)

Run BTS! Season 1

Rank #262

A variety show by the South Korean boy band BTS. In each episode, all 7 members play games and/or participate in various activities set up by their staff in order...

The Game Caterers (2021)

The Game Caterers Season 1

Rank #410

A business trip program with PD Na Young Seok. He will visit official events and entertainment programs that require various games. (Source: Korean = Naver || Translation = MyDramaList)...

2 Kids Room

Rank #493


Late Night Punch Punch Show (2020)

Late Night Punch Punch Show

Rank #808

NCT Daily’s newest show starring hosts NCT Doyoung and NCT Jungwoo with the “band” Haechan’s children (Haechan – recorder, Taeil – keyboard, Taeyong – first timer silent Saxophone, Johnny –...

One Kids Room (2019)

One Kids Room

Rank #923


I GOT7 (2014)


Rank #1174

GOT7’s first variety program released on television....

Astro OK Ready! (2016)

Astro OK Ready!

Rank #1283

‘Astro OK! Ready’ is ASTRO’s pre-debut reality show. (Source: Aroha Fandom Wiki)...

Because I Want To Talk (2019)

Because I Want To Talk

Rank #1284

After being recognized for his talking ability in “Strong Heart”, Lee Dong Wook’s personal talk show has been launched. Starting in December with Gong Yoo as his first guest, we’ll...

The Red Sleeve Talk Show

Rank #1639

The special program will gather the cast members who made “The Red Sleeve” shine including 2PM’s Lee Junho, Lee Se Young, Lee Deok Hwa, and more. In addition, to showing...

Idol Room (2018)

Idol Room

Rank #1726

Find out all about your favorite K-pop idol groups! Hosted by the “idol experts”, Jeong Hyeong Don and Defconn! (Source: OnDemandKorea)...

The Game Caterers Special (2021)

The Game Caterers Special

Rank #1771

A entertainment show with PD Na Young Seok, who creates various games and then goes to the set of a drama, movie release or entertainment company and challenges the cast...