Swordsman Male Lead Korean Dramas & Movies

The Battle: Roar to Victory (2019)

The Battle: Roar to Victory

Rank #2120

Over a 4 day period, a fierce battle takes place between Korean independence militias and imperialist Japanese forces in Manchuria, China. The militia includes a master swordsman and an expert...

Memories of the Sword (2015)

Memories of the Sword

Rank #3027

Three warriors from the Goryo Dynasty, Poong Chun, Deok Ki and Seol Rang pledge to fight for the impoverished people under the incompetent king and they lead a riot. However,...

Detective K: Secret of the Living Dead (2018)

Detective K 3: Secret of the Living Dead

Rank #3038

In 18th century Joseon, a complicated political situation exists under King Jeong Jo. Citizens who read commercial novels by Cheong Woon Mong are terminateed. Kim Min and Seo Pil investigate...

The Restless (2006)

The Restless

Rank #7247

It is believed that when a person dies, their soul spends 49 days in Jungcheon, or Purgatory before their eternal fate is decided – heaven, hell or rebirth. That’s where...

Strongest Chil Woo (2008)

Strongest Chil Woo

Rank #7541

Kang Chil Woo was a lowly police officer during the Joseon era. His parents were terminated in a raid and his main goal was to stay below the radar to...

Slate (2021)


Rank #7822

Since she was a child, Yeon Hee dreamt of becoming an action star. Even though she has an amazing swordsmanship, the reality of reaching her goal is just too hard...

Chosun Police (2005)

Chosun Police

Rank #41728

The story revolves around Kim Sa Yool, an elite detective with a sharp mind, set post-Gabo Reform in the late Joseon era. Kim Sa Yool and the rest of his...

Bichunmoo (2000)


Rank #47624

It is 14th century Yuan Dynasty China, the country is under Mongolian rule and the star-crossed lovers, Jin Ha and Sul Lie, the illegitimate daughter of a Mongolian commander, are...

The Assassin (2023)

The Assassin

Rank #99999

An action historical drama depicting the story of Joseon’s best swordsman Yi Nan in front of an irreversible fate. (Source: HanCinema)...

The Phantom Thief (1981)

The Phantom Thief

Rank #99999

Hwang Ryong, a martial arts master, trains in the ten ways of the sword in order to defend his nation from the barbarians to the north and would-be invaders from...