Supernatural Power Korean Dramas & Movies

Arthdal Chronicles Part 3: The Prelude To All Legends (2019)

Arthdal Chronicles Part 3: The Prelude to All Legends

Rank #165

Ta Gon gets what he wants as he sits atop his throne. However, now his life and throne are threatened when Eun Seom begins to gather power among the servitudes...

Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days (2018)

Along with the Gods 2: The Last 49 Days

Rank #198

Hae Won Maek, Gang Rim, and Duk Choon are about to take part in Soo Hong’s trial. However, to secure a trial, they are tasked with bringing the soul of...

The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion (2018)

The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion

Rank #273

10 years ago, Ja Yoon escaped from a government facility in the midst of an inexplicable incident by herself and lost all her memory. An old couple takes her in...

Memorist (2020)


Rank #617

Dong Baek has an extraordinary ability. He can peer into the memories of whoever he touches. With his supernatural power, get it done attitude, and eye-pleasing looks, he is fervently...

Vampire Prosecutor 2 (2012)

Vampire Prosecutor 2

Rank #822

In the second season of “Vampire Prosecutor,” Min Tae Yeon is back as the prosecutor who heads up a new division that investigates unsolved tragic end cases. No one, except...

A Korean Odyssey (2017)

A Korean Odyssey

Rank #1099

In 2017, Son Oh Gong and Ma Wang are in conflict with each other as they look for a true light in a dark world where evil thrives. Having made...

Vampire Prosecutor (2011)

Vampire Prosecutor

Rank #1323

Prosecutor Min Tae Yeon is bitten by somebody and becomes a Vampire. Tae Yeon has to live as vampire and survives by drinking the blood of dead people and still...

Jirisan (2021)


Rank #1453

One of the three hallowed mountains of Korea, Mount Jiri has been attracting visitors to its majestic grounds long before the park surrounding it was created. Founded in 1967, Jirisan...

Kiss Sixth Sense

Rank #1705

Hong Ye Sool, the best account executive on Planning Team 1 at Zeu Ad is making her way up as a project manager. She has one secret: she can see...

Kiss Goblin (2020)

Kiss Goblin

Rank #2240

Ban Sook is a 160-year-old goblin who wants nothing more than to be human. But in order to do so, his mentor the Goblin Queen tells him that he must...

Good Job

Rank #2405

Follows the joint investigation and romance story of a chaebol who leads a second life as a detective and a woman with super vision. Eun Sun Woo is a chaebol among chaebols who owns the Eunkang group...

Kokdu: Season of Deity (2023)

Kokdu: Season of Deity

Rank #2548

Kkok Du was once a human male who lived in Korea’s past. The gods have turned him into an immortal grim reaper who must come to the mortal realm every...

The Witch: Part 2. The Other One

The Witch: Part 2. The Other One

Rank #2734

A girl wakes up in a gigantic secret laboratory. As the girl escapes from laboratory, she stumbles upon Kyung Hee, who is trying to protect her house from criminal gangs....

The Game: Towards Zero (2020)

The Game: Towards Zero

Rank #2908

When looking into someone’s eyes, Kim Tae Pyung sees the moments right before their death. He takes advantage of his gift to earn money by selling this information to rich...

Reunited Worlds (2017)

Reunited Worlds

Rank #4602

Twelve years, after dying in a car accident, Sung Hae Sung suddenly appears alive and well not having aged a day. With the help of his friends and his childhood...

Govengers (2018)


Rank #4604

A group of misfit high school students find a mysterious phone in their school’s gymnasium. They turn on the phone and suddenly gain super powers! Choi Chan Yi, the leader,...

Bite Sisters (2021)

Bite Sisters

Rank #5575

About Han Yi Na who is an 821-year-old vampire who can’t stand seeing injustice. When she unexpectedly becomes a trendsetting influencer with over a million followers, Han Yi Na uses...

The Silenced

The Silenced

Rank #5982

Back in 1938, when Korea was under Japanese colonial rule, Joo Ran is transferred to an all-girl’s boarding school in Keijyo (old name of Seoul). The principal there exhibits exemplary...

The Bride of Habaek (2017)

The Bride of Habaek

Rank #6056

What would you do if you had to continue a strange family legacy? Yoon So Ah is a pragmatic neuropsychiatrist who carries a tremendous financial burden to run her own...

Drama Stage Season 1: The History of Walking Upright (2017)

Drama Stage Season 1: The History of Walking Upright

Rank #6702

Mi Na is a normal high school student who skatesboards to school every day and has an unacknowledged crush on family friend slash local tennis star Jong Min, who is...

Psychokinesis (2018)


Rank #7041

Shin Seok Heon, who works as a security guard, happens to gain a psychokinesis supernatural power after drinking water polluted by meteor matter. He then learns that his ex-wife was...

Arahan (2004)


Rank #7131

When a thief driving a motorcycle steals a purse of a pedestrian, the clumsy, naive and honest rookie policeman Sang Hwan runs after him, but the sterminateed specialist in martial...

Aftermath 2

Aftermath Season 2

Rank #7598

Ahn Dae Yong is a quiet high school student who suddenly develops the superpower to predict who is a criminal and who is about to die. Those who appear to...

Aftermath (2014)


Rank #7737

High school student Ahn Dae Yong suddenly develops the ability to tell when someone is about to commit tragic end and when someone is going to be a victim. Those...