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Super TV: Season 1 (2018)

Super TV Season 1

Rank #132

Super TV is a show that twists all of variety show formats in the world and presents them in Super Junior’s own way. This format is called Super Junior Crazy...

Super TV: Season 2 (2018)

Super TV Season 2

Rank #243

Super TV returns with a new concept variety show titled King’s Game (왕좌의 게임). Super Junior is famous for being King of Variety Show idols and will invite any idols...

SJ Returns 3 (2019)

SJ Returns Season 3

Rank #490

The show will follow the members on their individual activities, as well as their preparations for their new album that will be released this year. It will show the members...

Idol Dictation Contest (2021)

Idol Dictation Contest Season 1

Rank #735

A spin-off version of the popular tvN variety series, ‘Amazing Saturday – Doremi Market’. Lee Tae Kyung PD has revealed that the spin-off program will go through a test-trial of...

Analog Trip (2019)

Analog Trip

Rank #860

TVXQ and Super Junior are treated to a luxury holiday by SM Entertainment in Bali, Indonesia. However, when they return to their rooms after dinner, they find that their belongings...

Idol Dictation Contest Season 2

Rank #1257

Season 2 of the spin-off version of the popular tvN variety series, ‘Amazing Saturday – Doremi Market’....

Why Not? The Dancer (2018)

Why Not? The Dancer

Rank #1543

Dance reality show where korean idols/dancers collaborate with popular international dancers and choreographers to create new choreography. Started filming in the US on march 25th. Will start to air on...

Things That Make Me Groove (2020)

Things That Make Me Groove Season 1

Rank #1698

Na Young Suk PD’s ongoing ‘New Journey To The West’ mini series will be bringing viewers a brand new concept starting on October 23, centered around cast member Super Junior’s...

I Can See Your Voice Season 7 (2020)

I Can See Your Voice Season 7

Rank #1723

I Can See Your Voice” is a mystery music game show. The guest artist(s) must attempt to guess between six contestants who are ‘good singers’ (sterminated vocalists) and ‘bad singers’...

Idol Room (2018)

Idol Room

Rank #1726

Find out all about your favorite K-pop idol groups! Hosted by the “idol experts”, Jeong Hyeong Don and Defconn! (Source: OnDemandKorea)...

UNDER19 (2018)


Rank #2542

This show introduces singers, rappers, dancers and also people who are able to produce music or choreography. The goal of this show is to create a new-generation K-pop group with...

Miscellaneous Goods (2021)

Miscellaneous Goods

Rank #34932

Centers around an agency which specializes in helping kids learn about their dream jobs! The three cast members are expected to interact with various kid clients, such as a visit...

Choi Shi Won's Fortune Cookie (2020)

Choi Shi Won’s Fortune Cookie

Rank #34996

A youtube special about Siwon’s daily life, his challenges and his members...

After_zzZ (2020)


Rank #35514

Kpop idols try to prepare DIYs while dad goes to sleep. They need to be quiet, otherwise they must put on disguises for punishment....

Countdown to Zero (2021)

Countdown to Zero

Rank #35559


SJ Returns 4 E.L.F. (2020)

SJ Returns Season 4 E.L.F.

Rank #35617

The new season will show Super Junior actively taking in the requests from their fans. Unlike previous seasons, the group planned this seasons to be a year-long project of 2020,...

SJ NEWS (2020)


Rank #35637


Q&A With E.L.F. (2021)

Q&A With E.L.F.

Rank #35683

Super Junior’s D&E receive and answer fan questions. (Source: XingBack at MyDramaList)...

Take Off Your Shoes (2021)

Dolsing Fourmen

Rank #35798

Four DolSing (returning-single/divorced) men looking for happiness in life invite guests to their homes. (Source: MyDramaList)...

War of Famous Paintings (2020)

War of Famous Paintings

Rank #35824

Facing the 21st century’s hardest questions to answer, What will SJ members chose?...

Eunhyuk's Clothing (2020)

Eunhyuk’s Clothing

Rank #35833

Eunhyuk will host a fashion content show through a NAVER channel...

SJ Returns: PLAY The Unreleased Video Clips! (2018)

SJ Returns: PLAY The Unreleased Video Clips!

Rank #35884

The unreleased clips you haven’t watched in SJ returns: from their meeting for 8th album promotion to taking meals with the members before Kyuhyun’s enlistment! PLAY these clips where you...