Student Female Lead Korean Dramas & Movies

Five Steps to Accept Farewell (2016)

Five Steps to Accept Farewell

Rank #55406

Ye Joo and Eun Min had two years as a couple so far. One day, Ye Joo wants to finish the relationship that she had with Eun Min. Eun Min...

Winter Vacation (2020)

Winter Vacation

Rank #55945

It is a teen romance web drama that tells the stories of teenagers, their worries, changes, and new starts. (Source: Kpopmap)...

No Manners (2002)

No Manners

Rank #57185

He’s the only son of a mother who runs a hair salon while also being the “best fighter” of Moonduk High School. His name’s Joong Pil, and his days are...

Supporting Mom's Affair (2020)

Supporting Mom’s Affair

Rank #57328

Ye Ri’s dad doesn’t just have affairs with other women, but he marries them in secret. Ye Ri feels bad for her mom and suggests she has an affair with...

Summer Night (2016)

Summer Night

Rank #57386

So Young, a woman in 20s struggling between making a living and getting a real job, begins tutoring a high school senior Min Jeong. One day, Min Jeong asks So...

Cicada (2017)


Rank #57890

When she’s caught taking birth control by her teacher, Soo Yeon’s punishment gives her the opportunity for alone time with a boy. (Source:

Shall We Link (2018)

Shall We Link

Rank #58172

A Vietnamese exchange student in Korea gets the ultimate immersion experience when she finds herself caught in a love triangle between two local men. (Source: AsianCrush) ~~ Co-production with Vietnam....

11:55 PM Vol.2 (2021)

11:55 PM Vol.2

Rank #58472

“Urban Legend of 11:55PM and Night Cab!” One night. Five minutes before midnight. A high school girl is standing at the bus stop. A taxi is approaching her…...

We Have to Love Each Other

Rank #99999

The only school in the riverside village is about to close. A year ago, middle school student San Ha’s friend threw herself in the river. San Ha’s novelist mother writes...

This Is the Beginning of Love

This Is the Beginning of Love

Rank #99999

Choi is a newly appointed teacher who tries to help his students with slightly unorthodox teaching methods but he is immediately reprimanded by the school board. Problem student, Hyun Im...

Forest of Purity: Attack of the Adultism (2021)

Forest of Purity: Attack of the Adultism

Rank #99999

Su Jeong, who is in the exam period, enters the forest in search of Han Bit, the only friend who suddenly disappears. Han Bit says today is the day of...

Love Never Fails

Love Never Fails

Rank #99999

There is a high school girl who academically excels at school. Her grade is so important to her mother that she cannot look away from her daughter even for a...

Maria and Beyonce (2021)

Maria and Beyonce

Rank #99999

Mi Rae gets an offer of a K-pop trainee contract. She looks back on her short life and finds her past that would ruin her future career and reputation, as...

On Your Own (2019)

On Your Own

Rank #99999

Have you heard of an alliance? Contain yourself or you will get hurt. Soo Ah and Hyeon Jeong have been friends since they were children. Unlike Seon Hee, a hidden...

Nara Who Wants to Become an Insider

Rank #99999

It tells the story of high school students who dream of becoming actors as they prepare for college admissions as film and theatre majors. (Source: Naver)...

To be Sixteen

To Be Sixteen

Rank #99999

With his mother admitted to hospital and unable to communicate well with his layabout father, shy teenager Se Jun is a drift in the countryside town in which he resides....