STAYC Korean Dramas & Movies

Hangout with Yoo (2019)

Hangout with Yoo

Rank #1237

Following the success of the pilot episode, Program Director Kim Tae Ho and Yu Jae Seok use the relay concept in different areas such as music-making. The program then continues...

Idol Ability Market (2020)

Idol Ability Market

Rank #35063

At the Idol Ability Market, idol groups must “sell” their talents to the pawn shop owner in order to earn coins. The more coins the group earns, the more time...

Random Q (2020)

Random Q

Rank #35070

A K-pop idol Q&A show....

STAYC challenge (2021)

STAYC challenge

Rank #35264


IDDP (2021)


Rank #35402


Stay: See (2020)

Stay: See

Rank #35905

Behind the scenes of K-Pop girl group STAYC....

STAYCation (2021)


Rank #35989

‘This is not the place we imagined…?!’ A special vacation for STAYC. But they are going into deep into the mountain, not a hotel…?! STAYC is taken to the place...

Hard Training Team (2020)

Hard Training Team

Rank #36017

K-Pop rookie #STAYC’s tough journey towards professional idols, 1theK Rookie Development Team will show you everything. (Source: @grace twitter)...

Idol Human Theater (2021)

Idol Human Theater

Rank #36210

Docucomedy of your favorite Idol’s life. No script but a lot of wits. (Source: KBS Kpop)...

Lee Mu Jin Service (2022)

Lee Mu Jin Service

Rank #36745

“Lee Mu Jin Service” is a high-quality live content in which MZ generation’s representative singer-songwriter Lee Mu Jin, along with other artists, provides the best music service that catches the...

Secret Friend of Idols 2 (2021)

Secret Friend of Idols Season 2

Rank #36839

“Secret Friend of Idols” is a web reality show revolving around the process of the idols who participate in “Show Champion” narrowing the gap and gradually nourishing the friendship with...

The Show (2011)

The Show

Rank #36868

“The Show” is a South Korean music television program broadcast by SBS MTV....

2021 KBS Song Festival

Rank #36924

An annual end-of-the-year music program broadcast by Korean Broadcasting System....

K-Pop Evolution

Rank #38219

What is K-Pop? How did it rise to worldwide prominence? This new 7-part series tells you everything you need to know – from its history to its hitmakers, its fandoms,...

Show! Music Core (2005)

Show! Music Core

Rank #38687

Show! Music Core is a South Korean music television program broadcast by MBC. It airs live every Saturday. The show features some of the latest and most popular artists who...

Happy Together: Season 4 (2018)

Happy Together Season 4

Rank #40141

4th season of a famous South Korean variety show, Happy Together. Started airing in 2018....

Another Day of Shovelling Season 2

Rank #41428

JTBC Studio HOOK’s representative digital content “Another Day of Shoveling” is back for Season 2. Jeong Jae Hyung and Lee Jang Won return to greet the blooming spring in a...

Muziekwang Company (2021)

Muziekwang Company

Rank #44717

MuzieKwang Company is a fake KPOP entertainment company reality show created by its CEO, Muzie, and their first artist in the company… Lee Gi Kwang and wish to become the...