Stalker Korean Dramas & Movies

Best Mistake (2019)

Best Mistake

Rank #3307

To get a boy from her past to leave her alone, Kim Yeon Do uploads a photo of a random guy claiming him to be her boyfriend. However, she does...

White Night (2009)

White Night

Rank #6157

A pawnbroker is found tragic ended in a remote town. Police suspect that he was tragic ended by an acquaintance, as even the most experienced investigator on the case could...

Manhole (2017)


Rank #7093

Tells the story of Bong Pil, an unemployed man who mooches off his parents while pretending to study for the civil service exam. Bong Pil time travels into the past...

11:55 PM (2018)


Rank #55199

A woman gets home after working all night for someone to begin ringing her doorbell at 11:55 pm....

The Suffered

The Suffered

Rank #56419

Ga In hears that her father is in critical condition and goes back to her hometown, but she doesn’t have feelings for her father. One day, she meets a man...

The Shelter (2015)

The Shelter

Rank #56551

An actress struggles to portray her character’s emotions until she experiences a traumatic incident....

Amen (2011)


Rank #57623

A woman goes to France in search for a man who she lost contact with, only to find that he has moved on to Venice. On her way to Venice,...

An Uninvited Guest (2011)

An Uninvited Guest

Rank #57764

A strange man comes into a house with only the wife. He says he’ll leave after a shower and a meal, but his actions are exactly like the husband’s. What...

A Touch of Unseen

A Touch of Unseen

Rank #59190

Two sisters lose their parents in a fatal car accident. Later, the older sister is intimately assaulted by a ghost. The ghost comes for her every night afterward. As the...

Suicide Girl (2006)

Suicide Girl

Rank #99999

A girl attempted Self-harm by an overdose, but it didn’t succeed. There’s a cute boy who stalks her, and they finally meet together. One-sided love is delayed spiking....

Toilet (2017)


Rank #99999

Hyun Tae and Sang Hyub to celebrate Myung Hoon’s birthday. At the next table, two beautiful women sit, Hye Jung and Mi Jin, and they reject the men’s advances. Later,...