Smoking Korean Dramas & Movies

Forgotten (2017)


Rank #399

After moving into a new house, the eldest son of the family, Yoo Seok, is abducted right in front of his younger brother, Jin Seok. After 19 days, Yoo Seok...

Time to Hunt (2020)

Time to Hunt

Rank #2803

In the near future, a financial crisis will hit Korea, and slums will arise. From those areas, in a hopeless city, Jun Seok, who was released from prison, plans a...

Please Tell Me So (2021)

Please Tell Me So

Rank #3106

That’s my Mr.Right! Glasses for reading books, hoodie strap tied in ribbon shape, long legs, story worthy scars on the arm and good looking face in addition to all above....

Confession (2014)


Rank #3604

Hyun Tae, In Chul and Min Soo have been best friends since childhood. Hyun Tae is a paramedic with a daughter in kindergarten, In Chul is a con man who...

Sweet & Sour (2021)

Sweet & Sour

Rank #5336

Faced with real-world opportunities and challenges, a couple endures the highs and lows of trying to make a long-distance relationship survive. Jang Hyuk is a man who wants to have...

Derailed (2016)


Rank #5342

Jin Il and Ga Yeong are teenage runaways who live like a family with other runaway children. Sometimes they do some delivery work, sometimes they steal things to make their...

Lucid Dream

Lucid Dream

Rank #5561

Dae Ho can purposefully control his dream environment while lucid dreaming. His child gets unauthorized takingped, and in order to unpack the facts he’s buried in his memory, he has...



Rank #5748

After losing both her parents, Failan emigrates to Korea to seek her only remaining relatives. Once she reaches Korea, she finds out that her relatives have moved to Canada well...

Where to Go (2018)

Where to Go

Rank #6285

Ki Hyuk, moves to a new place to overcome his broken heart. There are no people like himself and no jobs are even available. One day, he meets Sang Woo...

White Night (2012)

White Night

Rank #6631

“Won Gyu, a steward, returns to Seoul 2 years after he left with a painful memory. He meets Tae Joon acquainted on the Web and they have a special night...

Another Way

Another Way

Rank #6710

Jung Won who finds life difficult while looking after her paralyzed mother and working a part time job, decides to terminate herself. Soo Wan, who is trying to come to...

Young Adult Matters (2020)

Young Adult Matters

Rank #7226

Se Jin runs into a teenage gang. Jae Pil and Sin Ji accidently help Se Jin and Ju Yeong out of a dangerous situation. However, Se Jin doesn’t appreciate their...

Beautiful Days (2018)

Beautiful Days

Rank #7348

A female North Korean defector leaves her ethnic Korean husband and son behind in China and flees to South Korea. 14 years later, she meets her son again. Her son...

Fly by Night (2011)

Fly by Night

Rank #8072

A boy, whose only family is his older brother, sleeps with older men for money. He then sleeps with a client who doesn’t have enough money to pay him. The...

Night Watcher (2015)

Night Watcher

Rank #43350

A man who works at a general facilities center watches a pharmacist in a pharmacy across from his store. The protagonist witnesses a suspicious man chasing a pharmacist after the...

Jazzy Misfits (2020)

Jazzy Misfits

Rank #46627

“If there were two people who shouldn’t have met, could that have been us…?” A mother and daughter variety run to find the missing child! Soon Deok is raising the...

How to Ruin Housewarming Party (2020)

How to Ruin Housewarming Party

Rank #47201

Chae Young was invited to the housewarming party, meets her ex Jeong Yoon, who broke up a year ago. She tries to be cool, but it doesn’t clear the air...

Bargain (2015)


Rank #48008

A middle-aged man takes a high school girl to a motel room and bargains with her about the payment for intimate. He argues for a discount on the grounds that...

Libera Me (2000)

Libera Me

Rank #50748

Five months after his release from prison after serving a twelve-year sentence, arsonist Yeo Hee Soo terrorizes the city of Seoul with a series of deadly blazes. Hee Soo rigs...

The Culprit (2019)

The Culprit

Rank #51564

“The Culprit” is about a man named Yeong Hoon who tracks his wife’s criminal and the tale of his search for justice. (Source: HanCinema)...

The Lady from 406 (2017)

The Lady from 406

Rank #53382

The woman on the upper floor is getting crazy because of the cigarette smoke coming up from the underfloor. She finally visits the house below, but the man there says...

I Can't (2017)

I Can’t

Rank #53826

Ji Sun and Chae Yeon are a couple since high school and they went to the same college. At the end of class party, the student president, a male classmate,...

Fragment (2018)


Rank #54044

“This is a scenario written based on a true story that was actually experienced. ill-advised at school I remember the precious people leaving me because of my judgment. At that...



Rank #55550

Tae Woo, a zookeeper, is having a tough time because his lover, Hee Yeon is in the hospital with her inevitable death date. Tae Woo feels her approaching death and...