Slapstick Korean Dramas & Movies

Modern Farmer

Modern Farmer

Rank #3504

A comedy drama about a rock band that takes up farming as an escape route. Lee Min Ki is a genius rocker, as well as leader, vocalist, and guitarist of...

Barking Dogs Never Bite

Barking Dogs Never Bite

Rank #7368

Seven days of adventure in an apartment building. A quiet middle-class apartment is the scene. Yoon Ju is a college lecturer with plenty of time on his hands. He gets...

Romantic Warriors (2003)

Romantic Warriors

Rank #54450

Desperate for a better life with his younger sister, Yo Yi gangs up with “Romantic Warriors”, an criminal squad, to make money. The squad, however, consists of dummy criminals who...

Hot Blooded Detective (2020)

Hot Blooded Detective

Rank #99999

The strongest punk detective in the police station who investigates with his mouth more than theory, ‘Dong-min’, is appointed to the investigation department just when he was about to become...