Single Male Lead Korean Dramas & Movies

Should We Kiss First? (2018)

Should We Kiss First?

Rank #2633

Four adults who have lost faith in love find a way to begin again. Son Moo Han is the managing director of an advertising company. Ahn Soon Jin is a...

After The Rain (2018)

After The Rain

Rank #4007

This is a comic human drama about Bong Gil who is forty, single and dying to move to Seoul and away from his 90-year-old father who’s been making Pyeongyang Naengmyun...

Nothing Serious (2021)

Nothing Serious

Rank #4449

Woo Ri is a 33-year-old single man. He is a rookie reporter and he writes a intimate column, although he wants to become a novelist. Woo Ri hates being lonely,...

Secret Zoo (2020)

Secret Zoo

Rank #5689

Stuck in a dead-end temp position at a renowned law firm, attorney-at-law Tae Soo dreams of one day landing a permanent position there. One day, he is given a special...

SF8: Love Virtually (2020)

SF8: Love Virtually

Rank #7136

In the near future, more than half of the world population uses ‘Love Virtually’, a virtual app. People find the partners they want with whose face they want, using a...

Brake (2019)


Rank #56184

Shi Woo is a timid and fragile high school student, barely noticed by his classmates. His only hobby is recording his daily life with a video camera. When classmate Ha...

Host and Guest (2006)

Host and Guest

Rank #57526

Seoul, winter. Ho Jun, a recently divorced, part-time film-studies lecturer, moves to a small and shabby one-room flat. Having left his only son Gun with his ex-wife, Ho Jun lives...

My Friend & His Wife

My Friend & His Wife

Rank #58087

Two young men, Ye Joon and Jae Moon, have been close friends since doing military service together. Ye Joon has lately worked his way up to becoming a successful financier,...