Short Film Korean Dramas & Movies

Two Lights: Relumino (2017)

Two Lights: Relumino

Rank #412

A sweet, mellow romance about a woman with a visual impairment and the man who grows to love her after they meet in a photography club. (Source: Letterboxd]...

Lipstick (2019)


Rank #957

Humiliation and lack of social acceptation can lead to the most tragic decisions, that was exactly what happened to Joon Won. But is she sure, that she wants an ending...

Journey to the Shore (2020)

Journey to the Shore

Rank #1658

Min Ha and Sang Bum are a gay couple in high school. They go on a journey to the shore for their 100th day anniversary. Min Ha does not care...

Step for You (2018)

Step for You

Rank #1935

Yu Sang is a school newspaper journalist and wants to interview Jun Han for an article. Jun Han accepts it but wants Yu Sang to practice dancing with him in...

Reincarnation Love

Rank #2491

A time-loop romance drama depicting the first meeting of Jeon Sang Tae, who went on a blind date as a substitute for a friend, and his ‘destiny girl’ Kim Hwa...

Summerdaze (2018)


Rank #2575

Love can be confusing, but it’s never wrong. A journey of discovery through Jeju Island in search of themselves, and ultimately love. (Source: The Authority)...

My Wife Got Fat (2020)

My Wife Got Fat

Rank #2821

A wife who complains that she rarely loses weight. What makes her gain so much weight? (Source: 반지하살롱 YouTube)...

Love Buzz (2019)

Love Buzz

Rank #3100

A boy travels back in time to meet his “mom” in order to ensure that she meets his “dad” and falls in love....

Please Tell Me So (2021)

Please Tell Me So

Rank #3106

That’s my Mr.Right! Glasses for reading books, hoodie strap tied in ribbon shape, long legs, story worthy scars on the arm and good looking face in addition to all above....


Summer, Bus

Rank #3126

In the everyday life of the bus, the world still hopes to find warmth....

1 in 10

1 in 10,000 (Act III)

Rank #3559

Two former lovers meet again after ten years. Can people really change? And if the odds are stacked against you, what’s the point? Find out in the finale of 1...

Hold Me (2021)

Hold Me

Rank #3735

Yeon Ho and Jae Min’s high school graduation day. Yeon Ho runs holding Jae Min’s hand. Suddenly, Yeon Ho apologizes to Jae Min for no reason, but Jae Min replies...

Secret Roommate (2020)

Secret Roommate

Rank #3777

Yeong Min, Yeong Hoon’s younger brother, suddenly comes to the house where his brother and secret lover Tae Ho live. The couple hurriedly covering the traces of their relationship, anxious...

Private Lessons (2020)

Private Lessons

Rank #3958

Yeong Il is constantly attached to Jae Hyun, who is constantly on his poetry lectures. Jae Hyun is not interested in poetry, but he doesn’t want to miss out on...

Being Me (2018)

Being Me

Rank #3996

High school students, Jae Nam and Seo Hyun, are happy just to be together. However, after Min Hee’s live internet broadcast, Seo Hyun is looking for Jae Nam, who is...

Half a Kiss and Half a Spice

Rank #4000

Sang Min will live in the same house as Min Soo, a senior at sports college who he has a crush on. While spending happy days every day, his senior...

One Last Order (2019)

One Last Order

Rank #4413

Jongin starts receiving anonymous poems from someone in the café he goes to every day. In order to find out which one of the baristas is his secret admirer, he...



Rank #4661

Yeon-Hee waits for Min-Woo. They have been separated the past 60 years after the division of Korea into north and south....

1 in 10

1 in 10,000 (Act I)

Rank #4732

When the chances of meeting your soulmate are so low, what’s the point of love? “1 in 10,000” is a decade spanning story about love, soulmates, and battling philosophies between...

1 in 10

1 in 10,000 (Act II)

Rank #4755

Some of us just aren’t meant for greatness. 1 in 10,000 is a three part mini-series that tackles the concept of purpose, love, and soulmates. (Source: Form of Therapy, YouTube)...

Just Friends? (2009)

Just Friends?

Rank #4995

Min Soo is on leave from the military and visits his boyfriend Seok Yi. While having fun out on the town, they run into Min Soo’s mother! When Min Soo’s...

The Summer Pasta Recipe (2021)

The Summer Pasta Recipe

Rank #5148

Hee Joon visits his ex-lover Seon Woo’s house. Seon Woo is still welcoming and sweet despite Hee Joon’s sudden visit. While recalling old memories, Hee Joon also learns how to...

Some More (2018)

Some More

Rank #5186

Tired of repeated life and work, Dong Soo takes three days off and goes on a long-distance bike ride. Dong Soo, who was on a remote country road, fell into...

Live Your Strength (2020)

Live Your Strength

Rank #5417

The short-film tells the story of a young woman who falls into despair after a bad breakup. However, over time, she learns to regain her self-confidence and move forward with...