SHINee Korean Dramas & Movies

Mtopia (2020)


Rank #109

SuperM’s first travel show, MTOPIA, has finally befire-arm. Everything has been prepared for SuperM. However, nothing is free. Disarm the booby trap to earn the M-cash! Who will be the...

Six Sense 2 (2021)

Sixth Sense 2

Rank #112

A mystery-solving game variety series where the cast members must divide up into teams and figure out what’s “real” and what’s “made up”. (Source: Naver)...

SHINee Hello Baby (2010)

SHINee Hello Baby

Rank #290

Hello Baby is South Korean reality show where celebrities experience parenthood by raising children ages 5 and under. Second season stars are SHINee who are taking care of 4 year...

SHINee's Back (2018)

SHINee’s Back

Rank #292

SHINee is launching a reality program with their upcoming comeback! Each episode of “SHINee’s BACK” will be built off the title of a different SHINee hit track. The program will...

SHINee's One Fine Day: Season 1 (2013)

SHINee’s One Fine Day

Rank #557

SHINee is first one do be in One Fine Day. All members have choice to leave somewhere they want, but they have to take care of everything....

SuperM: As We Wish (2020)

SuperM: As We Wish

Rank #583

“SuperM’s As We Wish” features the seven members of SuperM crossing items off their bucket list. Each member will share what they want to do most and accomplish it through...

SuperM Midterm Exam (2020)

SuperM Midterm Exam

Rank #601

This is a show where every member gets to know more about each other through solving a question given to them without discussing with others. In other words, we can...

Sea of Hope (2021)

Sea of Hope

Rank #615

Join your favorite celebrities showcasing their favorite music, recipes, and drinks at a seaside bar. Their guests can’t help but unwind as they take in the beautiful scenery, enjoy the...

SuperM: The Beginning (2019)

SuperM: The Beginning

Rank #642

The mega project idol group SuperM is here to meet its fans through the special show ‘SuperM the Beginning’. You can find out everything about SuperM’s debut in the States...

Amazing Saturday (2018)

Amazing Saturday

Rank #1279

Every week there will be a featured market from South Korea and within it, there are 3 types of food selected as its representatives. The cast and guest(s), as contestants,...

Exciting India (2015)

Exciting India

Rank #1688

Five young men get on a plane to an unfamiliar country, cameras in tow. On the show, the five idol stars explore the country, trying to create a report for...

We Got Married Global Edition: Season 2 (2014)

We Got Married Global Edition Season 2

Rank #2487

A global edition spinoff of the widely popular We Got Married, get to see how the on-screen virtual marriage between celebrities from different countries work out through weekly missions and...

1001101 - Taemin 2nd Kit Video (2020)

1001101 – Taemin 2nd Kit Video

Rank #34961

Filmed during Taemin’s T1001101 concert performances in South Korea, the kit video includes sets of many of his known songs performed partially on a tilted stage all filmed at SK...

the TAEMIN: Xtra cam (2017)

the TAEMIN: Xtra cam

Rank #35221

‘the TAEMIN: Xtra cam’ is a Korean reality show of SHINee member, Taemin. It record his preparation of his solo album....

Taem-Log (2020)


Rank #35286

SHINee’s Taemin reveals his comeback process and life through a series of vlogs. On July 8th, 2020 – It was reported that Taemin injured his wrist while practicing and that...

Jinki Jangpan (2020)

Jinki Jangpan

Rank #35292


IDDP (2021)


Rank #35402


IU's Palette (2020)

IU’s Palette

Rank #35416

IU’s Palette is a fun talk show with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The show mixes humor with two segments of music by covering songs and singing duets with the...

NCT Universe

Rank #35699

‘Welcome to NCT Universe’, is a reality program where NCT Shotaro and Sung Chan become a guide for ‘SM Rookies’ who receives a mysterious invitation from ‘NEO CITY’ to experience...

TaengKey Box (2021)

TaengKey Box

Rank #35803

Girls’ Generation Taeyeon and SHINee Key to host web-entertainment program ‘TaengKey Box’. The “real sibling chemistry” duo that are both well known for their interaction with fans during regular social...

RARE-TAEM (2020)


Rank #35817

Taemin’s solo reality show where you will experience gaming, healing, cooking and mukbang with Taemin! The broadcast ended with 5 episodes on October 1st. Bonus episodes “Behind The Scenes” and...

Let's Play Soccer Season 2 (2021)

Let’s Play Soccer Season 2

Rank #35868

Coached by former pro players, star athletes from various sports form an amateur soccer club with one goal: to win the national championship. (Source: Netflix)...

Mtopia Pre-release (2020)

Mtopia Pre-release

Rank #35883

SuperM’s first travel show, MTOPIA, has finally befire-arm so episode pre-released are aired before episode airs....