Sharp (Group) Korean Dramas & Movies

Master in the House (2017)

Master in the House

Rank #145

Almost everyone questions the purpose and goal of life. And most successful people have unique perspectives and lifestyles that have made them stand out from the norm. This reality show...

King of Mask Singer (2015)

King of Mask Singer

Rank #1475

“King of Mask Singer” is a South Korean singing competition program starting Celebrities. Each competition lasts for two episodes, with the singers competing one-on-one in three elimination rounds. They are...

Convenience Store Restaurant (2019)

Convenience Store Restaurant

Rank #36989

“Convenience Store Restaurant” will follow six celebrities who know their food as they share dishes that they’ve created. There will be a judging panel and the dish that wins will...

Ask Us Anything Fortune Teller (2019)

Ask Us Anything Fortune Teller

Rank #37235

Fortune teller Seo Jang Hoon and child monk Lee Soo Geun will give solutions that work like a charm. (Source: KBS World)...

Golden Tambourine (2017)

Golden Tambourine

Rank #37329

Inspired by karaoke, the show aims to let everyone have a good time regardless of their singing sterminates, and for everyone to come together and have fun no matter their...

Where Is My Home (2019)

Where Is My Home

Rank #37552

Celebrities are here to find your home sweet home! The show features two teams of celebs competing to help their clients find the new houses for them. As “real estate...

Battle Trip (2016)

Battle Trip Season 1

Rank #38288

The program is a trip competition between two groups of celebrities, traveling based on specific topics and showing viewers travel information and amazing tips. The winner group is chosen based...

Divorced Singles Season 2

Rank #38523

Once again, returning with charming couples this time, this will be hotter than Season 1, “Divorced Singles Season 2” presents to you couples that has divorced. attempts to find a...

Same Bed

Same Bed, Different Dreams Season 2: You Are My Destiny

Rank #38645

When something happens between a couple, it’s surprising how each person’s interpretation and memory of it differs from the other’s. By watching the daily life of a celebrity couple that...

X-Man (2003)


Rank #39111

The show features celebrities divided into 2 groups and working on finding the secret X-Man, whose main mission is to disrupt the teamwork of his team and keep his identity...

Live Talk Show Taxi (2007)

Live Talk Show Taxi

Rank #39294

Talk show where guests are going around on TAXI and talk about different things....

Happy Together: Season 4 (2018)

Happy Together Season 4

Rank #40141

4th season of a famous South Korean variety show, Happy Together. Started airing in 2018....

Hidden Singer: Season 6 (2020)

Hidden Singer Season 6

Rank #40424

It is a music variety show that puts a singer against contestants who say they have perfected impersonating the singer’s voice. An audience then tries to vote out all of...

Singderella (2016)


Rank #42463

Singderella is a South Korean variety show. Originally, after receiving the viewers’ stories, and according to the story, the cast would try to guess their ranks in Karaoke. But as...

Divorced Singles (2021)

Divorced Singles

Rank #42880

Divorced Singles follows the divorced’s attempts to find a second chance in romance. Eight divorced men and women live in the ‘divorced singles village’ to find his/her romantic interest and...

My Little Television 2 (2019)

My Little Television Season 2

Rank #43022

The first show to combine online streaming with a variety show is back with even more exciting improvements. The viewers can now make online voice donations to communicate with the...

Divorced Singles Season 3

Rank #43024

Coming back with divorced couples that are filled with charm, dating and even living together. Divorced couples that are straightforward with romance “Divorced Singles Season 3” (Source: Naver || Translation...

Today’s Delivery: Pilot (2020)

Today’s Delivery: Pilot

Rank #46320

“Today’s Delivery” is different from other quiz shows in that one person has been given the right answer. The eight cast members will have to solve the quiz while trying...

Secretly Greatly (2016)

Secretly Greatly

Rank #52904

The show revolves around the host helping guests sets up an elaborate prank aimed at a target celebrity....

Fireworks Handsome (2021)

Fireworks Handsome

Rank #99999

TV dramas, movies, music, etc. Everyone! Regardless of generation! Coloring the hearts of all the people with excitement Our oppas from those days that made me sleep through the night...

Book It Out (2018)

Book It Out

Rank #99999


Rewind (2019)


Rank #99999

A new type of game show program based on the concept of ‘Retro’, which has recently become a major trend....

Today's Fortune (2019)

Today’s Fortune

Rank #99999

A panel of experts from various fields and a celebrity panel analyze, comment and predict the dating style of a couple while watching their blind date in this prediction-based dating...

One Night Food Trip Season 2 (2017)

One Night Food Trip Season 2

Rank #99999

The one-night food trip became even more powerful with the new season! During a one-night two-day trip, participants can use a single roulette game chance. In addition to that, the...