Set In A Foreign Country Korean Dramas & Movies

ATEEZ 82 challenge (2020)

ATEEZ 82 challenge

Rank #277

ATEEZ take on special challenges with their fans....

Youn's Kitchen (2017)

Youn’s Kitchen

Rank #1837

Yoon Yeo Jung, Lee Seo Jun, Jung Yoo Mi and Shin Goo are to open a Korean restaurant on an island in Bali, Indonesia, to serve local people and tourists....

Anarchist from Colony (2017)

Anarchist from Colony

Rank #2014

Set in Korea under Japanese rule period. In 1923, an odd rumor spreads that around 6,000 Koreans are massacred after the Great Kanto Earthquake. In order to conceal this event,...

New Year Blues (2021)

New Year Blues

Rank #3179

Four very different couples with very different problems, needs, and concerns face up to their worries and obstacles at the start of a brand new year. Ji Ho is a...

Budapest Diary (2011)

Budapest Diary

Rank #7026

Shot in Hungary, this gorgeous short movie follows the main character around Budapest as he searches for answers, traces of that special someone. Jang Keun Suk participated in the writing...

Bogotá: City of the Lost

Bogotá: City of the Lost

Rank #33987

“Bogotá” is criminal thriller set in Colombia. It tells the story of a young korean man in his 30s who emigrated to Colombia in the ’90s settling in a traditional...

Begin Again 3 (2019)

Begin Again Season 3

Rank #36327

Season 3 stars Lena Park, Hareem, Henry and Lee Su Hyun, who appeared in Season 2 and are known as Family Band that has been requested by many to reunite...

A Barefoot Dream

A Barefoot Dream

Rank #39807

Coach Kim Won Kang is a former soccer player who failed to manage his business – post-soccer career. After his business goes under, Kim Won Kang travels to the small...

Dramaworld 2 (2021)

Dramaworld Season 2

Rank #53812

Claire is a teenage girl from the US who is addicted to Korean dramas. One day, while she is working in her family’s shop, a thief breaks in just as...

A Korean in Paris

A Korean in Paris

Rank #59499

A man living rough scours the backstreets of Paris for his missing wife. In the red light district, he shows a photo of her to the paid companions there, but...