Secret (Group) Korean Dramas & Movies

We Got Married: Season 4 (2012)

We Got Married Season 4

Rank #1434

The show pairs up Korean celebrities to show what life would be like if they were married. Each week, couples are assigned missions to complete, while interviews with the participants...

2015 Idol Star Athletics Championships Chuseok Special (2015)

2015 Idol Star Athletics Championships Chuseok Special

Rank #1941

At the championships, a total number of 8 events (4 in athletics and in ssireum, archery, futsal, basketball 1 each) were contested: 4 by men and 4 by women. There...

Strong Heart (2009)

Strong Heart

Rank #2390

About twenty guest stars tell emotional (strong) stories to make people cry or laugh. The best storyteller wins the show. Strong Heart gives viewers and fans a chance to look...

Apink News: Season 1 (2011)

Apink News: Season 1

Rank #36458

A reality program that shows the members of the girl group Apink before they debut. It includes activities, outines and the daily life of the members. (Source: MyDramaList)...

History Repletion: Oh! Cool Guys (2017)

History Repletion: Oh! Cool Guys

Rank #36572

The cast and guests of the show go around Korea and learn about history of Korea through various places of interest....

Wednesday Gourmet (2015)

Wednesday Gourmet

Rank #36787

A food information show where the hosts share their knowledge about the history of famous and popular restaurants....

Duet Song Festival: Season 1 (2016)

Duet Song Festival Season 1

Rank #37060

Hosted by Yoo Se Yoon, Baek Ji Young (until episode 29) and Sung Si Kyung. Celebrity artists choose a non-celebrity partner to perform a duet with....

Heroes (2010)


Rank #37471

A “popularity search variety”, where the female celebrities compete to find out which of them is more popular among citizens. Each week, the celebrities are divided into two equal groups...

Real Men: Season 2 (2015)

Real Men Season 2

Rank #37776

Real Men is a South Korean variety show featuring celebrities as they experience life in the military....

Same Bed

Same Bed, Different Dreams Season 1

Rank #37892

A variety show hosted by Yoo Jae-suk and Kim Gu-ra where adolescents and their parents share their issues....

Cool Kiz on the Block (2013)

Cool Kiz on the Block

Rank #37962

One sport is chosen for a period of time and a team consisting of a few celebrities competes against citizens from all across South Korea. A few rules of the...

Invincible Youth Season 1 (2009)

Invincible Youth Season 1

Rank #38583

The first season of the show involved Korean entertainers meeting weekly to work and learn about farming in a Yuchi-ri village in Hongcheon-fire-arm, Gangwon Province in South Korea. This involved...

Oh! My School (2010)

Oh! My School

Rank #38852

Oh! My School is a South Korean variety show hosted by Park Myeong-su, Tony Ahn, Kim Shinyoung and Park Kyung Lim. It has a school setting where guests come out...

Lee Soo Geun and Kim Byung Man's High Society (2011)

Lee Soo Geun and Kim Byung Man’s High Society

Rank #39113

Lee Soo Geun and Kim Byung Man’s High Society (Korean: 이수근 김병만 의 상류 사회) is a 70 minute comedy-game show . The series premiered on Sat Dec 10, 2011...

Video Star: Season 2 (2018)

Video Star Season 2

Rank #39150

Video Star is a South Korean talk show hosted by Kim Sook, Park Na Rae, Park So Hyun, and Sunny. Video Star is a spin-off program based on the concept...

Star King (2007)

Star King

Rank #39257

Star King is a program which selects the most amazing person, real-life story, or video every week. The ones challenging that most amazing person appear at the studio and compete...

Girls Who Eat Well (2016)

Girls Who Eat Well

Rank #39295

“Girls Who Eat Well” is a show in which members of different girl groups eat a variety of foods in order to earn the title of the best girl group...

Happy Together: Season 3 (2007)

Happy Together Season 3

Rank #39397

3rd season of a famous South Korean talk show “Happy Together”....

Hidden Singer: Season 3 (2014)

Hidden Singer Season 3

Rank #39413

What if a legendary singer and 5 fans who want to be like him/her sing together behind the stage? Can you recognize the real singer’s voice without looking at them?...

Work Later, Hike Now

Rank #39416

The most popular hobby of people these days is climbing mountains. The mountains are always there to embrace us, and many people climb the mountains to get comfort for various...

Idol Show: Season 5 (2009)

Idol Show Season 5

Rank #40583

A weekly Korean variety show hosted by the nation’s most popular teen idol groups. It has a total of 5 seasons....