Rocket Punch Korean Dramas & Movies

Idol Ability Market (2020)

Idol Ability Market

Rank #35063

At the Idol Ability Market, idol groups must “sell” their talents to the pawn shop owner in order to earn coins. The more coins the group earns, the more time...

RCPChoice (2021)


Rank #35801

Rocket Punch members’ choices will determine their fate! As the members cautiously decide on their choices, big or small, it will determine the outcome and consequences they will have to...

Juriful Days (2020)

Juriful Days Season 1

Rank #36272

A look into the daily life of Rocket Punch’s sole foreign member, Takahashi Juri. (Source: keebs777 at MyDramaList)...

We K-POP (2019)


Rank #36702

K-Pop is now enjoyed by people all around the globe. An in-depth variety show where K-Pop stars perform, talk and greet their fans. ‘We K-pop’ – of the fans, by...

Listen Up

Rank #37099

“Listen Up” is a music competition show featuring the best music producers in the business. Ten producers making the best K-pop nowadays produce fantastic music and performances with some of...

Dancing Idol (2020)

Dancing Idol

Rank #38340

‘Dancing Idol’ is a show in which six different rookie K-pop groups (three boy groups and three girl groups) present their renditions of K-pop’s top hits. The show will be...

Legend Club: Heechul’s Shindong PC Room (2019)

Legend Club: Heechul’s Shindong PC Room

Rank #39153

The program is an idol-gaming web variety show in which idol guests will play various mini games and PC games....

My Little Television 2 (2019)

My Little Television Season 2

Rank #43022

The first show to combine online streaming with a variety show is back with even more exciting improvements. The viewers can now make online voice donations to communicate with the...

Kim Goo Ra’s Latte 9

Rank #99999

“Kim Gu Ra’s Latte 9” is an entertaining show discovering exciting stories from the past. In every episode, Kim introduces a series of surprising and absurd happenings related to the...

Project RCPC (2020)

Project RCPC

Rank #99999

The girls split into two teams to come up with their own original choreography for Blue Punch’s closing track “The The.”...

Spend to Survive (2022)

Spend to Survive

Rank #99999


ASMR Punch (2020)

ASMR Punch

Rank #99999

Each member of Rocket Punch gets the chance to host her own ASMR video with topics ranging from makeup tutorials to ASMR mukbangs. The group also shares an ASMR performance...


Rank #99999


DongDong Game Center (2020)

DongDong Game Center

Rank #99999

In each episode of DongDong Game Center members of different Woollim Entertainment groups play video games....