Reporter Male Lead Korean Dramas & Movies


Rank #1256

The story unfolds when a explosion that responds to sound is discovered at the center of the city. This terror attack occurs following an incident that happened one year ago...

One More Happy Ending

One More Happy Ending

Rank #2733

This drama focuses on the story of former singer Han Mi Mo who was in a band called “Angels,” and her friends in their 30’s. As the divorce rate and...

Delayed Justice (2020)

Delayed Justice

Rank #3488

Park Tae Yong and Park Sam Soo fight for judicial victims who are falsely accused. Park Tae Yong, a public defender, was born as the son of an undertaker on...

Nothing Serious (2021)

Nothing Serious

Rank #4449

Woo Ri is a 33-year-old single man. He is a rookie reporter and he writes a intimate column, although he wants to become a novelist. Woo Ri hates being lonely,...

The Exclusive: Beat The Devil's Tattoo

The Exclusive: Beat The Devil’s Tattoo

Rank #6236

Heo Moo Hyeok, a reporter from the social issues department happens to acquire information about a serial tragic end case by accident. This makes him get involved in an unprecedented...

Hero (2009)


Rank #6437

The story of Korea’s top reporters and ordinary citizens fighting against the society elite’s damaging action of power. Working as a reporter for a racy tabloid called the Monday Seoul,...

Collective Invention

Collective Invention

Rank #7779

A medical experiment gone wrong and a man mutates due to side effects from an experimental drug administered by his father, turning the man into a fish. When his girlfriend...

Decoy (2023)


Rank #39803

Koo Do Han, a former lawyer turned detective, is on a quest to uncover the truth behind an unsolved crime from the past. He investigates current cases to piece together...

Dear Heaven (2005)

Dear Heaven

Rank #45605

Ji Young Sun, when she was very young, gave away her daughter Lee Ja Kyung after giving birth. She later remarries and creates a new family, but soon after, her...

Moby Dick (2011)

Moby Dick

Rank #49682

An action mystery about reporters who try to find the truth of a mysterious incident and the people who try to hide it....

The Reservoir Game (2017)

The Reservoir Game

Rank #51800

An investigative reporter seeks to expose the whereabouts of a slush fund belonging to the former president of South Korea, Lee Myung Bak. (Source: Netflix)...

Wild Dogs (2014)

Wild Dogs

Rank #54245

Yoo Joon aspired to become a distinguished reporter, but he now works as a third-rate reporter. His personal life is equally a mess. He is involved in an affair with...

The Combat Kings (2022)

The Combat Kings

Rank #99999

May 18, 1980, during the Gwangju Democratization Movement. The Chun Doo Hwan regime came to power in a coup d’état by slaughtering peaceful protest crowds. The people continued to fight...