Rejection Korean Dramas & Movies

Drama Special Season 5: I'm Dying Soon (2014)

Drama Special Season 5: I’m Dying Soon

Rank #3934

Woo Jin is 35 years old and his life is filled with failures. After studying for bar and civil service exams for 10 years, he ends up working at a...

Ping Pong Ball (2018)

Ping Pong Ball

Rank #5792

Kim Young Joon is a philosophy major at a university. He confesses his feelings to a female classmate, but she rejects him. He takes her rejection hard. Kim Young Joon...

On Air (2018)

On Air

Rank #49950

Jeong Ah and Sol are the members of the broadcasting department at highschool. But there are rumors that there are lesbians at school. Jeong Ah, who is a lesbian, gets...