Redemption Korean Dramas & Movies

Juvenile Justice

Rank #330

Sim Eun Seok is an elite judge with a prickly personality who hates juvenile offenders. After she gets assigned to a local juvenile court, she tries to balance her aversion...



Rank #4269

Jin Ho is a teenage boy who dreams of becoming a K-pop idol. His family has split apart when he was young because of an incident that terminateed a neighbor....

Budapest Diary (2011)

Budapest Diary

Rank #7026

Shot in Hungary, this gorgeous short movie follows the main character around Budapest as he searches for answers, traces of that special someone. Jang Keun Suk participated in the writing...



Rank #7045

Kwon Oh Joon is a swindler who falls for a widow with a 5 year old daughter, Jin Dal Rae. Dal Rae lives with her daughter and mother in law...

Ohlala Couple (2012)

Ohlala Couple

Rank #8318

Na Yeo Ok is fed up with the infidelity of her hotelier husband, Go Soo Nam, during their 12-year marriage and demands a divorce. However, after signing the divorce agreement,...

Que Sera

Que Sera, Sera

Rank #33995

Kang Tae Joo is a player with charm and good looks who always dates rich women. One day, he finds a strange poor girl named Han Eun Soo sleeping in...

Clean Up (2019)

Clean Up

Rank #49026

Jung Ju has lost her son to heart disease and can’t break free from the pain of that loss. She spends most of her waking hours working, drinking and going...

A Pit Viper (1983)

A Pit Viper

Rank #99999

Kal Ma-Ryong (Hwang) is targeted by a band of swordsmen and fighters, all who were involved in the brutal tragic end of his mother years ago. Ma- Ryong defeats and...