Red Velvet Korean Dramas & Movies

Yang and Nam Show (2016)

Yang and Nam Show

Rank #41595


Idol Drama Operation Team (2017)

Idol Drama Operation Team

Rank #42248

Idol Drama Operation Team is a 2017 South Korean web variety program. The show centers around seven girl group members who will write and act their own self-produced drama. The...

The Dynamic Duo (2017)

The Dynamic Duo

Rank #42366

The cast will be paired up and they will then do their very best to prove that they are the best variety duo in Korea’s entertainment industry by going through...

Oppa Thinking Pilot (2017)

Oppa Thinking Pilot

Rank #42489

Celebrities make promotional videos of themselves, produced by one of the teams, and upload them on social media to appeal to the public. The next episode, they announce the winner...

Idol Battle Likes (2016)

Idol Battle Likes

Rank #42895

Idol Battle Likes is a 60 minute game show-special interest-talk show....

Trick & True (2016)

Trick & True

Rank #43080

The show displayed four acts, performed by either a magician or a KAIST scientist, and it was the guests’ job to figure out where the act was purely a magic...

Get It Beauty 2019 (2019)

Get It Beauty 2019

Rank #45269

Korea’s top beauty program invites celebrities and make-up artists to share their favorite make-up products and beauty secrets....

Cool Kids (2018)

Cool Kids

Rank #46253

“Cool Kids” is a variety show where adults these days and kids these days meet. The adults will watch videos that kids personally created, and will choose which kids they...

The Wise Music Encyclopedia

Rank #99999

“The Wise Music Encyclopedia” is a talk show featuring artists who contributed to popular music history, with in-depth discussions about their music lives. Global artist Seul Gi will join hands...

The K-Star Next Door (2022)

The K-Star Next Door

Rank #99999

Congo Prince “Jonathan” is all up for K-Pop, and he’s leading the show. This is a karaoke talk show with guests a bit popular in the YouTube neighborhood. Jonathan makes...

Going to the End (2020)

Going to the End

Rank #99999

A reality show where entertainers explore amazing phenomenon from all over the world and experience them firsthand. It is a documentary that is interesting and touching as well as funny...