Reconciliation Korean Dramas & Movies

Drama Special Season 11: Traces of Love (2020)

Drama Special Season 11: Traces of Love

Rank #4112

Ju Yeong is a woman who longs for her ex-boyfriend but doesn’t want to accept it. As she ends a short-term relationship with a very obsessive co-worker, her ex-boyfriend suddenly...

Drama Special Season 11: While You're Away (2020)

Drama Special Season 11: While You’re Away

Rank #4369

A romantic drama about a once broken-up couple living together again and learning about each other. (Source: HanCinema)...

Drama Special Season 11: My Lilac (2020)

Drama Special Season 11: My Lilac

Rank #46694

The drama is about a first-class impersonator of a trot singer named Lilac, and his daughter Shin-hye in the process of getting away from the deceptive acting and finding real...

Mothers (2020)


Rank #47350

Han Jung Eun has been married to Lee Woo Cheol for 14 years and they have a daughter. Lee Woo Cheol works as a PD at a radio station. Han...

I Am Home (2019)

I Am Home

Rank #49113

Newspaper editor Eun Seo lives in Seoul alone. When the contract to her house is almost over, but she can’t find another house she likes, she decides to live with...

Fukuoka (2020)


Rank #52088

Back in college, Je Moon and Hae Hyo were bosom buddies, but their friendship foundered when they both fell in love with the same woman, Soon Yi. 28 years later,...

Can You Hear Me? (2020)

Can You Hear Me?

Rank #99999

We meet the Kim Chang Ok we didn’t know, off-stage. Who garnered 80 million accumulated views on Youtube, with 500 times a year, more than 2,000 hours, and over 7000...