Quiz Show Korean Dramas & Movies

Idol Dictation Contest (2021)

Idol Dictation Contest Season 1

Rank #735

A spin-off version of the popular tvN variety series, ‘Amazing Saturday – Doremi Market’. Lee Tae Kyung PD has revealed that the spin-off program will go through a test-trial of...

The Quiz Show Scandal

The Quiz Show Scandal

Rank #5793

Around midnight, on the northern riverside road, a 4 car accident occurs resulting in one fatality. Coming out of a Mercedes Benz, Do Yeop and Sang Kil start to argue...

Yoo Quiz On The Block Season 2 (2019)

Yoo Quiz on the Block Season 2

Rank #35853

The new season returns with an upgrade to the quiz. The question bank consists of keyword cards, and the challenger chooses one to answer the card’s question. If the challenger...

Season B Season 3 (2022)

Season B Season 3

Rank #36317


Yoo Quiz On The Block: Season 3 (2020)

Yoo Quiz on the Block Season 3

Rank #38235

“You Quiz on the Block” is a program where the hosts Yoo Jae Suk and Jo Se Ho talk to civilians on the street and throw them surprise quiz questions....

Yoo Quiz On The Block (2018)

Yoo Quiz on the Block Season 1

Rank #38709

You Quiz On the Block is a new concept variety show by tvN, a quiz show that aims at spreading warmth and support to the public. With Yoo Jae Suk...

Problematic Men: Brain Wanderer (2019)

Problematic Men Season 3

Rank #39456

Season 3 features the theme of Brain Wanderers Squad/Travelling Brainiacs where the cast goes outdoors, unlike most of the previous 2 seasons when they were in the studio. The 6...

Problem Child in House (2018)

Problem Child in House

Rank #39690

There is only one rule on this show! You can’t leave until you answer all 10 questions! A quiz talk show where the cast struggles over trivia questions! (Source: KBS...

Star Golden Bell (2004)

Star Golden Bell

Rank #40384

Game show where there are 20 celebrity guests who compete in quiz games....

Guess My Next Move (2018)

Guess My Next Move

Rank #40831

Ask the participants, “What kind of person is she or he?” Depending on what kind of relationship you are in with them, they think differently about you. The participants are...

Trick & True (2016)

Trick & True

Rank #43080

The show displayed four acts, performed by either a magician or a KAIST scientist, and it was the guests’ job to figure out where the act was purely a magic...

Hurry Up And Talk (2019)

Hurry Up And Talk

Rank #43090

Hurry Up and Talk feature a group of celebrities who are known for their eloquent speaking sterminates and have them compete in a new quiz show format. (Source: Soompi)...

Today’s Delivery: Pilot (2020)

Today’s Delivery: Pilot

Rank #46320

“Today’s Delivery” is different from other quiz shows in that one person has been given the right answer. The eight cast members will have to solve the quiz while trying...

Problem Child in House Pilot (2018)

Problem Child in House Pilot

Rank #46505

The five members gathered in a rooftop room and can only leave after answering the ten questions given by the crew. A two-part pilot that aired during the Chuseok holiday....

Super Smart Quiz Show (2020)

Super Smart Quiz Show

Rank #50201

‘Super Smart Quiz Show’ is an IT education web drama about three high school students’ experience while experiencing future technologies such as AI, IoT, and 6G through a quiz show....

It's Party Time (2021)

It’s Party Time

Rank #55729

A 2-episode spin-off invites guests who have appeared on the main show to share new stories. (Source: Wikipedia)...

Yoo Quiz on the Block Season 4 (2022)

Yoo Quiz on the Block Season 4

Rank #99999

Yoo Jae Seok and Jo Se Ho are back with season 4 of “You Quiz on The Block”. More stories to listen to from both celebrities and every day people...

1 vs. 100 (2007)

1 vs. 100

Rank #99999

A game that pits one person against 100 others for a chance to win a large cash prize....

Quiz Room (2018)

Quiz Room

Rank #99999

A game show that includes rounds of quizes. When answered correctly, they win prize money. (Source: MyDramaList)...

Mysterious Animal Quiz (2020)

Mysterious Animal Quiz

Rank #99999

This is a quiz program that examines the habits and unusual appearances of various animals, from wild animals to companion animals....

Quiz Monster

Rank #99999

Come on! The terrifying children like monsters are coming! Solving problems with parents, Awaken latent children’s sense of challenge, Elementary school-centered quiz show with parents! (Source: SBS)...

Quality Between Music (2020)

Quality Between Music

Rank #99999

A Music quiz show based on 1990’s and 2000’s music....

Full Profiler

Rank #99999


Can I Join You? (2018)

Can I Join You?

Rank #99999

Celebrities meet ordinary citizens at rest areas along the busy routes during the Lunar New Year’s massive migration. The coincidental meetings bloom into unexpected friendship between strangers through good food...