PURPLE KISS Korean Dramas & Movies

MIXNINE (2017)


Rank #7420

On Mix Nine, YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun Suk will visit management agencies across Korea to look for idol wannabes with potential and help them become a star. 400 trainees will...

Lee Mu Jin Service (2022)

Lee Mu Jin Service

Rank #36745

“Lee Mu Jin Service” is a high-quality live content in which MZ generation’s representative singer-songwriter Lee Mu Jin, along with other artists, provides the best music service that catches the...

Literally PURPLE KISS (2021)


Rank #37401

The first idol reality to curb the energy “Literally PURPLE KISS.” (Source: YouTube)...

Purple Kiss Perky Holiday (2021)

Purple Kiss Perky Holiday

Rank #37632

The second independent reality entertainment show since the debut of the girl group Purple Kiss....

Artistock Game

Rank #41693

Invest in your favorite artist! A total of 48 male and female participants will become “stocks”, and they will receive investment from the viewers. Viewers from across the globe will...


Rank #99999


Yes! Koyuki (2021)

Yes! Koyuki

Rank #99999

Purple Kiss Yuki vlogs her experience as a Japanese person discovering various aspects of Korean culture....