Prostitution Korean Dramas & Movies

Extracurricular (2020)


Rank #549

“Extracurricular” is centered around four high school students who start committing crimes to earn money and the unpredictable dangers they face as a result. Ji Soo, who goes from a...

Tazza: The Hidden Card (2014)

Tazza 2: The Hidden Card

Rank #1324

Dae Gil, a young man with natural born talents in gambling, makes a dazzling debut as a gambler and gets reunited with his first love, Mi Na. However, Dae Gil...

The Raincoat Killer: Chasing a Predator in Korea (2021)

The Raincoat Killer: Chasing a Predator in Korea

Rank #1813

In the early 2000s, Yoo Young Chul hammered his victims to death and cast fear across Seoul. This docuseries recounts the hunt for a prolific terminateer. (Source: Netflix) ~~ A...



Rank #2424

5 days of mother’s desperate chasing of daughter begins. Working in TV series marketing, Ji Seon’s daily life is like a war: not only struggling hard at work, she’s involved...

Unstoppable (2018)


Rank #2604

Dong Chul and Ji Soo are a happily married couple. Dong Chul was once a notorious gangster, but he has changed his ways. One day, Dong Chul comes to home...

The Five (2013)

The Five

Rank #3806

Eun Ah brutally lost her husband and daughter before her eyes when a serial criminal attacked her family. To help her get revenge, she uses her organs as collateral to...

Derailed (2016)


Rank #5342

Jin Il and Ga Yeong are teenage runaways who live like a family with other runaway children. Sometimes they do some delivery work, sometimes they steal things to make their...

You Are My Sunshine (2005)

You Are My Sunshine

Rank #6154

Simple, sweet-natured farmhand Seok Jung longs for a wife. He is certain that he has found her the instant he catches sight of lovely Eun Ha. She is far more...

The Shameless

The Shameless

Rank #7338

A petty cop, Jung, gets caught in the middle of a love triangle between mob enforcer Park, mob boss Lee, and Lee’s mistress, Hye Kyung, who’s in love with Park....

No Regret (2006)

No Regret

Rank #7396

Leaving the country orphanage where he grew up, Su Min heads to Seoul to study design. Disenhearted after several difficult projects, he opts to work as a host in a...

Samaritan Girl (2004)

Samaritan Girl

Rank #7471

In order to raise money to fulfill their dreams of traveling to Europe, a pair of Korean teens start a prostitution business. After one of the girls is accidentally terminateed...

The Isle (2000)

The Isle

Rank #7816

Hui Jin is a young and beautiful woman who doesn’t speak. She rents floating fishing cottages on the lake, but everyone doesn’t come only to fishing. Some criminals live there...

Fly by Night (2011)

Fly by Night

Rank #8072

A boy, whose only family is his older brother, sleeps with older men for money. He then sleeps with a client who doesn’t have enough money to pay him. The...

Bad Guy (2001)

Bad Guy

Rank #8124

When a local paid companionis publicly humiliated by a snobbish college girl, he manipulates her into a life of intimate bondage at his brothel. As he watches her nightly humiliation...

One Night Only

One Night Only

Rank #8358

Night Bug: Han Jae meets gay men at a bar in Jongno District, Seoul. He first meets them through an internet site. Once they get drunk, Han Jae steals their...

The Last Ride

The Last Ride

Rank #39350

Go Hwan notices that his parents and his friends are acting strangely around him. His friends Namjoon and Gap Duk have started treating him ever so nicely and his moody...

The Bacchus Lady (2016)

The Bacchus Lady

Rank #47220

So Young, a “bacchus lady” (street-based intimate worker in her 60s), is well known for ‘doing it so well she can almost terminate you’ among elderly men. This is her...

Birdcage Inn (1998)

Birdcage Inn

Rank #47600

Streetwise Jin Ah moves into a boarding house run by a small, close-knit family. But her unacceptable behaviour threatens to destroy them all. (Source: IMDb)...

Bargain (2015)


Rank #48008

A middle-aged man takes a high school girl to a motel room and bargains with her about the payment for intimate. He argues for a discount on the grounds that...

Shiho (2020)


Rank #52622

Seventeen-year-old adolescence Woo Min is on his own and lives with Soo Jeong who used to be his parents’ caregiver. Woo Min secretly grows fond of Soo Jeong who can’t...

Love Is A Crazy Thing (2005)

Love Is A Crazy Thing

Rank #53714

Au Jin is a mother of two children and wife to a husband in deep financial difficulties. To augment her income, she works for a telephone intimate-chat service. After a...

Mulberry (1986)


Rank #54147

During the Japanese occupation, there lived a woman named An Hyub in Yong-dam Village. Her husband was a gambler who comes by every few months to change his clothes and...

A Flower in Hell (1958)

A Flower in Hell

Rank #55579

A young man comes to Seoul from the country in search of his older brother, who turns out to be making a living with a group of thieves who boost...

Plastic Love (2017)

Plastic Love

Rank #55858

A smart phone has gotten a little too smart, and fallen deeply in love with its master. (Source: K-Crush)...