Prostitute Male Lead Korean Dramas & Movies

No Regret (2006)

No Regret

Rank #7396

Leaving the country orphanage where he grew up, Su Min heads to Seoul to study design. Disenhearted after several difficult projects, he opts to work as a host in a...

Fly by Night (2011)

Fly by Night

Rank #8072

A boy, whose only family is his older brother, sleeps with older men for money. He then sleeps with a client who doesn’t have enough money to pay him. The...

Shiho (2020)


Rank #52622

Seventeen-year-old adolescence Woo Min is on his own and lives with Soo Jeong who used to be his parents’ caregiver. Woo Min secretly grows fond of Soo Jeong who can’t...

Beastie Boys (2008)

Beastie Boys

Rank #58064

Seung Woo through his friend Jae Hyun becomes a “host,” or a male gigolo who serves women customers, to make ends meet. Seung Woo’s family had been financially successful but...