Prostitute Female Lead Korean Dramas & Movies


Rank #2019

A baby box is a small space, where parents can leave behind their babies anonymously. Sang Hyun finds new parents for a baby left in a baby box and makes...

You Are My Sunshine (2005)

You Are My Sunshine

Rank #6154

Simple, sweet-natured farmhand Seok Jung longs for a wife. He is certain that he has found her the instant he catches sight of lovely Eun Ha. She is far more...

The Isle (2000)

The Isle

Rank #7816

Hui Jin is a young and beautiful woman who doesn’t speak. She rents floating fishing cottages on the lake, but everyone doesn’t come only to fishing. Some criminals live there...

Birdcage Inn (1998)

Birdcage Inn

Rank #47600

Streetwise Jin Ah moves into a boarding house run by a small, close-knit family. But her unacceptable behaviour threatens to destroy them all. (Source: IMDb)...

Obaltan (1961)


Rank #55165

The Aimless Bullet is a Korean classic, which captured the social issues at its extremities in Korea of the late 1950s. Song Cheol Ho, a clerk at an accounting office...

A Flower in Hell (1958)

A Flower in Hell

Rank #55579

A young man comes to Seoul from the country in search of his older brother, who turns out to be making a living with a group of thieves who boost...

Plastic Love (2017)

Plastic Love

Rank #55858

A smart phone has gotten a little too smart, and fallen deeply in love with its master. (Source: K-Crush)...



Rank #56051

Since she flew in a brothel at her age of 17, Young Eun sells her body roaming from here to there until she becomes a shabby middle-aged woman. At first,...



Rank #57786

Jin Hee meets married man Min Ki on an online meeting site to make a living for herself and her incompetent boyfriend. She meets him for money but they slowly...

Working Street (2016)

Working Street

Rank #58029

Tae-seong, who dreamt of a fancy life as a martial arts fighter, goes to Thailand with his brother Tae-gi who has no hopes or dreams and causes trouble wherever he...

Beastie Boys (2008)

Beastie Boys

Rank #58064

Seung Woo through his friend Jae Hyun becomes a “host,” or a male gigolo who serves women customers, to make ends meet. Seung Woo’s family had been financially successful but...