Professor Male Lead Korean Dramas & Movies

Children... (2011)


Rank #3063

On March 26, 1991, the local elections are being held. Since it is a school day off, the five boys set off to the nearby mountain and never return. Their...

Drinking Solo (2016)

Drinking Solo

Rank #4072

The story depicts people drinking alcohol alone for different reasons and the romance between Jin Jeong Seok and Park Ha Na. They both work at a private institute for people...

What's Up?

What’s Up?

Rank #4531

Jang Jae Hun is a high school dropout who roams the streets at night with his two best friends pickpocketing drunkards. He accidentally causes an accident that leads to the...

Role Model Family

A Model Family

Rank #4867

The story follows what happens when an ordinary family that is on the verge of collapse due to bankruptcy and internal feuds gets involved with a bloodthirsty substance ring. In the midst of...

The Empire

Rank #7106

Depicts the vulgar scandals of Korea’s nobles of the robe (whose rank came from holding judicial or administrative posts) who dream of hereditary succession. Han Hye Ryul is the chief...

Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) (2021)

Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce)

Rank #7914

Three vibrant and successful women who work on a radio show have something in common: a happy marriage. Bubbly host Boo Hye Ryung is in her thirties and has been...


Love, in Between

Rank #7983

University professor Yun Ji Seok loves his wife, So Young, but also cannot give up his new love. After So Young discovers her husband’s affair with a student named Su...

Natalie (2010)


Rank #8341

The story of the sculptor Jun Hyuk, an art critic Min Woo, and a modern dance student Mi Ran. A mystery melodrama about the love and secrets of the three...

High Society (2018)

High Society

Rank #8402

A view of high society through the desires and love between three people. Ji Ho is an artist. Tae Joon is a university professor who’s running for the National Assembly....

The Devil

Rank #34569

When the door to another world opens, demons exist there. Ku San Young is possessed by one of those demons. Yeom Hae Sang can see the demon which has possessed...

The Day He Arrives (2011)

The Day He Arrives

Rank #53866

Sang Joon is a professor in the film department at a provincial university. He goes to Seoul to meet his senior Young Ho who works as a film critic. Sang...

Mr. Egotistic (2018)

Mr. Egotistic

Rank #54091

I know I’m selfish. But… aren’t you all a little too harsh with me? In my 40s and have married for 10 years, I, Jae Yoon, am a professor of...

A Bloody Aria (2006)

A Bloody Aria

Rank #56162

PARK Young-sun, a college professor, meets In-jeong, one of the prettiest students in his class, by chance at an audition for a big musical project. A reckless womanizer, he asks...

Incoherence (1994)


Rank #56849

Three strangers meet at a TV program discussing the problems in society. The members consist of a newspaper editor who steals other people’s milk while jogging every morning; an elite...

For Eternal Hearts

Black House

Rank #58211

A professor of German literature, Su Young is quiet, modest, and unassuming, but behind his averted eyes lies an unforgettable story. At his students’ urging, he recalls his surreal first...

Madame Freedom

Madame Freedom

Rank #58407

A romantic melodrama depicting the extramarital dalliances of a professor and his wife who works at a boutique. Oh Seon Yeong accepts a job as a cosmetics store manager to...