Popular Male Lead Korean Dramas & Movies

True Beauty (2020)

True Beauty

Rank #868

“True Beauty” is a romantic comedy about a high school girl, Lim Ju Gyeong, who rises to pretty girl fame after she masters the art of make-up from YouTube. She...


Rank #1454

Since childhood, Cha Si Won has realised that only people with good looks will grow to be popular, and he has made it a personal goal to achieve popularity by...

The Mermaid Prince: The Beginning (2020)

The Mermaid Prince: The Beginning

Rank #2794

“The Mermaid Prince: The Beginning” will take viewers back in time to Woo Hyuk’s high school days in order to uncover a secret. With its high school setting, the drama...

User Not Found (2021)

User Not Found

Rank #2823

A romance drama about two female high school students who happen to share the same name. When they both transfer to a new school at the same time, hoping to...

Drinking Solo (2016)

Drinking Solo

Rank #4072

The story depicts people drinking alcohol alone for different reasons and the romance between Jin Jeong Seok and Park Ha Na. They both work at a private institute for people...

Pumpkin Time

Pumpkin Time

Rank #4374

Growing up, Kang Tae Joo and Shin Hae Won were practically inseparable. The best of friends, the two elementary school boys shared a fanatic love of baseball and enjoyed nothing...

Temptation of Wolves

Temptation of Wolves

Rank #5065

A fish out of water gets noticed. Jung Han Kyung grew up in the countryside with her father, but his death forces her to move to Seoul to live with...

Happy Ending Romance

Rank #5146

Cha Jung Woo might have had a bright future as a writer, had he not been unable to stay silent after witnessing bribery among his seniors. Unfortunately, by choosing to...

The Moment the Heart Shines (2021)

The Moment the Heart Shines

Rank #5828

Depicts the story of teens in current era of digital and will show a heart-fluttering high school romance. (Source: Naver)...

The Road: The Tragedy of One (2021)

The Road: The Tragedy of One

Rank #6297

A story of the secrets, desires, guilts, and salvation of residents who live at “Royal the Hill,” a place where only the top 1 percenters live. Baek Soo Hyun is...

No Going Back Romance (2020)

No Going Back Romance

Rank #6484

A teen romance of So Dam, a sixteen-year-old girl, who has never dated before but she receives her first-ever love confession from a mysterious boy. She is looking for the...

Let's Eat Something

Let’s Eat Something, Anna

Rank #6913

An adorable love story of Park Ji Yong, a good-looking home shopping host, and Sohn Ana, a secluded girl who never leaves home and whose only joy of life is...

Artificial City (2021)

Artificial City

Rank #7149

Takes place against the backdrop of an art museum that belongs to Sung Jin Group, a major conglomerate that holds the reins of the political and financial worlds in South...

Be With Me (2010)

Be With Me

Rank #7704

Omnibus film “Ghost” premiered at the 2009 Pusan International Film Festival with the English title “Be With Me”. Prologue “Tell Me Your Name” – Seo Hee, Nam Hee and Lan...

Sweet Curse (2021)

Sweet Curse

Rank #8189

Ha Jun is a good-looking guy popular among the gay community. One day, Min Woo, a close friend of Ha Jun who is jealous of him, summons a devilish ghost...

The Christmas Gift


Rank #34288

A story of how Park Kang’s life is changed on Christmas day. Park Kang is a popular actor, but he is also a scandal maker. His manager is Jo Yoon...

Three Bold Siblings (2022)

Three Bold Siblings

Rank #45326

Kim Tae Joo is the eldest of three siblings. She is warm-hearted and tolerant, but she also has a hot temper. She cuts off relationships with people whom she doesn’t...

The Dolphin in the Little Mermaid (2020)

The Dolphin in the Little Mermaid

Rank #52736

When I was a little girl… I thought I am the main character of my life and the world revolves around me. But?! Eun So is the most popular boy...


Rank #99999

Jung Woo goes from being a successful, popular pilot to being unemployed one morning. However, he succeeds in getting a new job after accidentally taking on a newly laundered identity....