Poor Female Lead Korean Dramas & Movies

Bad Love (2019)

Bad Love

Rank #50081

An accident has changed five men and women’s fates. Unlike conventional love stories with lovely memories and anecdotes, their love is judged and frowned upon. Despite the criticisms on them,...

Chart Running Scholar

Rank #50454

A time-slip stock romance that takes place when a scholar of the Joseon Dynasty, An Ta, meets Min Ji, an MZ generation office worker, and discovers his talent for stock...

The Tale of Mari and Yimae (2021)

The Tale of Mari and Yimae

Rank #51942

One day, Mary, the daughter of a dokkaebi (goblin) hunter, stumbles upon Yi Mae, a dokkaebi, who was trapped in a mountain and saves him. Mary runs away from her...

White Lies

White Lies

Rank #51998

Seo Eun Young and Kang Jung Woo are happy, engaged-to-be-married couple. Suddenly, when Eun Young was pregnant, Jung Woo abandoned her to marry Na Kyung, a rich woman. The new...

Dream Run Note

Rank #52151

Hae Soo who has to go work part-time to earn a living while her friends go to academy. Today, she faces a wall of reality again. However one day, Woo...

Mulberry (1986)


Rank #54147

During the Japanese occupation, there lived a woman named An Hyub in Yong-dam Village. Her husband was a gambler who comes by every few months to change his clothes and...

The Secret Lovers

The Secret Lovers

Rank #54682

Seo Young Ji was from a poor upbringing and worked as hard as she could to better herself. She went to see a plastic surgeon, hoping that by changing her...

Second Winter (2018)

Second Winter

Rank #57266

Hyun Ho and Jung Hee are in their 20s and have been married for two years. Dreaming of becoming an actor, Hyun Ho quits his job and begins going to...

I Broke My Friend's Smartphone (2021)

I Broke My Friend’s Smartphone

Rank #58381

Dasom lives with her grandmother because her parents died so she can’t buy a cell phone and go to college. (Source: Youtube)...

A Short Love Affair

A Short Love Affair

Rank #58385

Bae Il Do ran away from home and works as a tailor. His wife also went through a lot growing up under the step mother’s harsh treatment then working as...

A Reluctant Prince (1963)

A Reluctant Prince

Rank #58648

A power struggle erupts behinds the scene in the late Joseon Dynasty when King Heonjong becomes gravely ill. An abandoned branch of the royal family is found to be living...

Mulberry 2 (1988)

Mulberry 2

Rank #99999

The wife of Chi Geun, the idiot street peddler, was born a beauty so the village boys endlessly try to seduce her. However, Chi Geun’s wife truly loves her husband...

This Americano (2021)

This Americano

Rank #99999

Aspiring film director Soo Jin tries to successfully complete her first feature film. The production cost is ridiculously small for a movie made with the help of people and money...