Police Officer Male Lead Korean Dramas & Movies

Happy Ero Christmas (2003)

Happy Ero Christmas

Rank #58242

Yearning to be a respectful cop and vanquish the evil since he was young, Byung Ki is a patrolman of few words in a village, helping out trivial tasks like...

Inner Circle

Inner Circle

Rank #99999

Officer Kim thought he had seen it all as a police officer working in Seoul, but nothing could have prepared him for the rampant harsh and Dishonest actions he encounters...

SWAT Police (2000)

SWAT Police

Rank #99999


Mobilize! K-Cop (2015)

Mobilize! K-Cop

Rank #99999

By chance, two incumbent policemen rescued Princess Stella from an alien planet. The princess turned them from ordinary policemen into super-powered police officers. The alien villains, who followed the princess...