Plastic Surgeon Male Lead Korean Dramas & Movies

Love Is for Suckers

Rank #5236

Goo Yeo Reum is a television producer in the tenth year of her professional career. Although she works harder than most producers, the shows she makes all seem to flop....

Home for Summer (2019)

Home for Summer

Rank #6167

Geum Hee has been married to Joon Ho for the past 10 years. She supported him while he was attempting to become a plastic surgeon. He is now a successful...

Before and After: Plastic Surgery Clinic

Before and After: Plastic Surgery Clinic

Rank #8131

Han Geon Soo is the young clinic owner who tries to protect his clinic from being taken over by loan sharks. He tries his best to save the clinic when...

Searching for the Elephant (2009)

Searching for the Elephant

Rank #8237

Three men, who look like winners in life, are in fact struggling with their own sufferings that they desperately strive to keep undisclosed – schizophrenia, intimate addiction and infidelity. For...