Photographer Female Lead Korean Dramas & Movies

Twelve Nights (2018)

Twelve Nights

Rank #6164

Is it just a coincidence, or is it fate? A man and a woman meet time and time again over the span of 8 years. Han Yoo Kyung is an...

Love Fiction (2012)

Love Fiction

Rank #8030

A timid writer meets an attractive woman and falls in love at first sight. Ku Joo Wol found success after publishing his first novel. But since then, he has been...

Floating Deep Down Summer (2019)

Floating Deep Down Summer

Rank #45466

Photographer Hye Ri receives a wedding invitation from her old friend/ex lover. Hye Ri is not sure whether she will go or not. Curator Joo Hyun is very comfortable about...

Repechage (1997)


Rank #53470

Min Gyu is a warm-hearted and cheerful animal-loving veterinarian. However, the animals in his care have many problems and diseases. This causes trouble with his girlfriend, Wha Young. She gets...

Tickle Tickle

Rank #53759


I Like You

I Like You, Unnie

Rank #55102

Tae Gyeong and Shin Lee Young, two post-graduates, reunite for the first time in a year. When Lee Young suddenly kisses Tae Gyeong in a drunken frenzy, hidden secrets and...