Part-time Worker Female Lead Korean Dramas & Movies

One Fine Week (2019)

One Fine Week

Rank #2101

Da Eun, a college student who is still finding her career path, becomes Byul, who has been a singer since she was young. Da Eun spends time with a celebrity...

It’s Beautiful Now

Rank #2177

The Lee brothers Yoon Jae, Hyun Jae, and Soo Jae are not interested in dating or getting married. Their indifference towards marriage is cause for concern among family members. They...

One Fine Week 2 (2020)

One Fine Week Season 2

Rank #3037

Da Eun works part-time, and Kim Byul is an idol. These two girls who look alike decide to change each other’s lives just for 7 days. And now, 1 year...

Luv Pub (2018)

Luv Pub

Rank #5928

After airing the pilot series (2 episodes) in 2017, Luv Pub is back ! When you are in your 20’s, where can you first learn about the real world ?...

The Man’s Voice

Rank #6506

A fantasy rom-com about a convenience store part-timer who is searching for a full-time job, a handsome pilot, and his pet cat. The drama tells the story that unfolds when...

Cello (2005)


Rank #7841

Mi Ju is a part-time music professor with a tragic past. When she was younger, she was an up-and-coming cellist until she was in a car accident with her rival/best...

The Love in Your Eyes (2022)

The Love in Your Eyes

Rank #43182

Young Yi lost her husband at a young age, but she tries her best to move on with her husband’s family and works days and nights for her daughter. She...

Convenience Store Junkies

Rank #49334

“Working part-time is better than being the store manager.” A convenience store drama about Ha Ru who became a part-timer with 9 years of experience with customers and newbie store...

Something Between Us

Something Between Us, Comic Book Cafe No. 2

Rank #49402

Yong Ji wants to get a part-time job at the manhwa cafe where our previous heroes worked. The boss immediately warns that he does not like office romances and must...

Dream Run Note

Rank #52151

Hae Soo who has to go work part-time to earn a living while her friends go to academy. Today, she faces a wall of reality again. However one day, Woo...

Action! (2021)


Rank #99999

Aspiring filmmaker So Yee is working part-time on a movie set. There, she runs into Kyung Min, her ex-girlfriend and the lead actor of the one movie she has made....


Rank #99999

Training received while on vacation, so when I was angry, I stepped on shit and met a shit pervert… But it turns out that pervert is… a colleague I have...