Office Worker Korean Dramas & Movies

My Boss Is A Million YouTuber (2020)

My Boss Is A Million YouTuber

Rank #53940

This story takes place when active YouTubers who have over a million subscribers become employees of a large conglomerate’s public relations team, promoting products and struggling to boost company sales....

Intern Z (2020)

Intern Z

Rank #54131


Boogie Knight

Boogie Nights

Rank #56453

A fantasy film in which the world is coming to an end due to North Korea’s sudden announcement of a nuclear explosion, and an ordinary office worker meets five women...

Yum Yum

Yum Yum, How Tasty!

Rank #58539

Yoo Joo was born and lived in Gwangju for 30 years. Her original dream was to be a food photographer, and now she works as a photographer and marketing agent...

The First Child (2021)

The First Child

Rank #99999

As Lee Jung Ah returns to work and attempts to rebuild her career a year after giving birth to her first child. Lee Jung Ah is an ordinary woman in...