Office Setting Korean Dramas & Movies

Virtual Excitement (2016)

Virtual Excitement

Rank #45835

On his first day working in a company, Kim Min Kyu is suddenly asked by a person if he knows himself. (Source: MyDramaList)...

I Love You

I Love You, Loser!

Rank #46669

A web drama about a dark history that you were embarrassed about resurfacing with the arrival of a new recruit....

Office Watch 2 (2018)

Office Watch Season 2

Rank #47025

Ji Hyun was proud to be the only employee who was good at playing office politics until her rival, Hye In, joined the company to work on a short-term project....

My Wonderful Roommate 2 (2020)

My Wonderful Roommate 2

Rank #50834

Living together in a full-fledged in-house relationship. There is no right answer to the relationship, but how will the two couples solve the problems that arise during the relationship? Even...


Rank #50909

An office romance web drama that deals with the small romance that is likely to occur in a relationship of a beginner in society. It deals with the sweet and...

The Best Day

Rank #51465


Cheers to Me

Cheers to Me

Rank #53035

An ordinary single woman who enjoys cooking and dining alone in the evenings, Ra Yeo Joo is an editor at a publishing house where she’s worked for the past ten...

The Wicked

The Wicked

Rank #54307

Se Yeong is the new employee at an office. She’s a bit awkward and introverted. Her stubborn team leader is Lee Seon who takes a quick dislike to Se Yeong’s...

Office Cooking (2022)

Office Cooking

Rank #99999

Gaegojin Co., Ltd., has faced the biggest crisis since its inception due to an unexpected fire. Even in a desperate situation when everyone leaves, In-gi, Hojeong, Daeun, Daniel, and Namjin...

Mr. Kang

Rank #99999


Damn Good Company Season 5

Rank #99999

Season 5 of ‘It’s Good’ tells the story of Jeongseung Network and Baek International, who are looking for new food after fierce trade competition. (Source:

Damn Good Company

Rank #99999

“Damn Good Company” depicts the reality of small and medium-sized Korean companies with comical situation settings and detailed real-life storyline. (Source: