Nmixx Korean Dramas & Movies

Stray Kids (2017)

Stray Kids

Rank #280

JYP Entertainment and Mnet’s new boy group survival program is titled “Stray Kids,” which refers to idols who have left home and also captures the mindset of being free from...

Show! Music Core Coin Karaoke

Rank #34862

Coin Karaoke Idol is finally open! If you want to karaoke and sing along with your friends, you can come to the room and enjoy your time. (Source: MyDramaList)...

Nmixx in Wonderland

Rank #34912

Nmixx’s new variety show....

Nmixx Quest

Rank #35088

NMIXX trapped in a fairy tale multiverse! Will they be able to survive and escape from the war of variety show? (Source: 스튜디오 룰루랄라 디랩 – SLLDLAB YouTube)...

Pick Nmixx (2022)

Pick Nmixx

Rank #35298

Get to know the members of NMIXX. (Source: MyDramaList)...

After_zzZ (2020)


Rank #35514

Kpop idols try to prepare DIYs while dad goes to sleep. They need to be quiet, otherwise they must put on disguises for punishment....

Music Universe K-909 (2022)

Music Universe K-909

Rank #41436

‘K-909’ sets a stage where the artist’s diverse world of music can be seen, such as the first released songs, special collaborations, and special arrangements as well as behind-the scenes...

K-pop Star: Season 4 (2014)

K-pop Star Season 4

Rank #41799

Survival Audition K-pop Star is a South Korean reality television competition show. The forth season of K-pop Star returns with the same judges and host as season 3. Jun Hyun...

Nextrend (2022)


Rank #99999

K-Pop groups sit down at NAVER NOW partaking in various games and chat together. (Source: MyDramaList)...

Mixxtream (2022)


Rank #99999


Mixxtory (2022)


Rank #99999



Hello, You

Rank #99999

Idols meet their fans’ family (e.g. parents, spouses). (Source: MyDramaList)...

Aiki's Thumbs Up (2022)

Aiki’s Thumbs Up

Rank #99999

Talking with dance, dancing with talk? Aiki’s red flavor dance & talk show! (Source: Korean = Naver Now || Translation = MyDramaList)...

I Live as an Idol (2022)

I Live as an Idol

Rank #99999

“I Live as an Idol” is an MBC Kpop original content. A story of an idol and a video when they’re trainees until debuted. The idol making some comment on...

Dream Center Study Room (2022)

Dream Center Study Room

Rank #99999

In the future, study K-POP together in the study room at the Dream Center. If you think that just because a study room is for real ‘studying’, you are mistaken....