Nature (Group) Korean Dramas & Movies

Transonglation (2019)


Rank #36050

Various K-Pop groups star in the YouTube show, Transonglation. There are three teams that represent three countries. Each team needs to sing in the country’s language. They must try to...

NATURE Can’t Go Down Like This

Rank #37095

“We are going to quit. We don’t even know when we are doing a comeback, and we can’t wait any longer ” What will become of NATURE, who cannot go...

Battle Trip (2016)

Battle Trip Season 1

Rank #38288

The program is a trip competition between two groups of celebrities, traveling based on specific topics and showing viewers travel information and amazing tips. The winner group is chosen based...

Brain-ffical: Season 2 (2018)

Brain-fficial Season 2

Rank #99999

“Brain-fficial” is a South Korean web television program on the History Korea channel. Every week, a different guest appears, to have a one-on-one debate with the host on various topics....

Kim Goo Ra’s Latte 9

Rank #99999

“Kim Gu Ra’s Latte 9” is an entertaining show discovering exciting stories from the past. In every episode, Kim introduces a series of surprising and absurd happenings related to the...