Myteen Korean Dramas & Movies

MYTEEN GO (2017)


Rank #34840

MYTEEN GO is a pre-debut variety show for the kpop group MYTEEN. The name of the show was later used as the name of their debut album....

Tomorrow’s National Singer

Rank #39080

‘Tomorrow’s National Singer’ is a large-scale audition project that anyone who loves singing and has a craving for the stage can participate in, regardless of age, genre, nationality or gender....

Whisper the Recipe (2020)

Whisper the Recipe

Rank #42620

Cook As You Hear. ASMR Cooking Quiz Show. (Source: youtube)...

Idol Acting Competition (2017)

Idol Acting Competition

Rank #99999

As the line between singer and actor blurs, more idol singers are venturing out to the realm of acting. In this show, eight rising idol stars get trained by renowned...

Idol Dabang: Season 2 (2019)

Idol Dabang Season 2

Rank #99999

“Idol Dabang” is a variety show where Yoo Seon Ho and Andy (Shinhwa) transform into baristas and deliver an “energy recharging” space to help idols who are exhausted due to...

Oh! My Crazy Idol (2018)

Oh! My Crazy Idol

Rank #99999

Oh! My Crazy Idol is a variety show that features different idol groups as guests and lets them play fun games that help fans get to know them more....

Melody Bookstore (2019)

Melody Bookstore

Rank #99999

“Melody Bookstore” will feature the creation of “book OSTs” under various themes every week. The cast will select a book and compose and produce the OST (original soundtrack) themselves. (Source:...

Today's Fortune (2019)

Today’s Fortune

Rank #99999

A panel of experts from various fields and a celebrity panel analyze, comment and predict the dating style of a couple while watching their blind date in this prediction-based dating...