MYNAME Korean Dramas & Movies

Handsome Tigers (2020)

Handsome Tigers

Rank #731

The legendary basketball star Seo Jang Hoon is here as a head coach to revitalize the Korean basketball. He teamed up with various members with a passion for basketball and...

Diary (2012)

Diary Season 1

Rank #37033

Diary gives 5 up-and-coming k-pop groups (BTOB, C-Clown, JJ Project, MyNAME and VIXX) cameras allowing them to film their life behind the scenes as they promote and grow together as...

Cheongdam Keytchen (2018)

Cheongdam Keytchen

Rank #37463

The series will follow SHINee’s Key as he cooks for his guests and listens to their issues in a talk show format. (Source: AllKpop)...

All the K-Pop (2012)

All the K-Pop

Rank #40463


Come Drive In (2020)

Come Drive In

Rank #40502

A new concept drive-through song show where everything from talk to song unfolds in the car. Lee Su Geun teamed up with BOOM and Hong Jin Young to announce a...

Superstar K2 (2010)

Superstar K2

Rank #49634


Hello Korea (2014)

Hello Korea

Rank #99999