Musical Korean Dramas & Movies

The Sound of Magic

The Sound of Magic

Rank #841

High school student Yoon Ah Yi finances herself and her younger sister by working part-time jobs. She doesn’t know where her parents are. Debt collectors drove her father away from...

The Box (2021)

The Box

Rank #1012

A jukebox musical film about an aspiring singer and a washed-up music producer who used to be a big shot in the industry. Together, they embark on a musical journey...

What's Up?

What’s Up?

Rank #4531

Jang Jae Hun is a high school dropout who roams the streets at night with his two best friends pickpocketing drunkards. He accidentally causes an accident that leads to the...


Something, Crunchy Crunchy

Rank #7453

All the cookies that don’t sell are banished into the dark cellar. Today’s deportee came out into the world with a bang but wasn’t bought by anyone, so it became...

The Best Future

The Best Future

Rank #8225

Choi Go is a young aspiring idol working a part-time job, who can be a bit of a coward. Mi Rae, recently hired by a company in the talent development...

Season of You and Me

Season of You and Me

Rank #34067

‘Season of You and Me,’ which is the story of late singer-songwriter Yoo Jae Ha and Kim Hyun Sik. Yoo Jae Ha is a musician who has released one hit...

Killing Romance

Rank #34076

‘terminate Romance’ tells the story of a retired actress who marries an island chaebol and meets a 3-time-test-taker who lives next door. It is a comic thriller musical film with...



Rank #35840

An Jung Geun is a fighter for the Korean independence movement. Seol Hee used to be a court lady for Queen Myeongseong, but, after Queen Myseongseong was criminalated by the...

Eyes On Me: The Movie (2020)

Eyes on Me: The Movie 1

Rank #36849

In October 2018, IZ*ONE, a girl group consisting of 12 members, debuted, breaking records every day, including domestic and overseas music charts, placing first in music TV programs, and winning...

Yuwol: The Boy Who Made The World Dance (2018)

Yuwol: The Boy Who Made the World Dance

Rank #39109

Yuwol is a boy who never stops dancing even for a moment. One day, a dance virus begins to spread in his private elementary school and he is accused of...

Life is Beautiful

Life Is Beautiful

Rank #39695

Life Is Beautiful is a story about tracing one’s first love and finding real love in the process. It follows the story of Oh Se Yeon, a devoted wife to...

Make Your Move (2014)

Make Your Move

Rank #50309

Tap dancer Donny falls in love with an amazing dancer named Aya at a club, but then he learns that their brothers run rival clubs and obstacles arise. However, Donny...

Farewell Restaurant (2020)

Farewell Restaurant

Rank #50638

A fresh romantic musical set against the backdrop of the Greek island of Skopelos! Hae Jin, a chef who suddenly broke up through Kakao, left for Skopelos, Greece, the same...

If You Were Me 4 (2009)

If You Were Me 4

Rank #55800

Following the previous projects since (2003), (2008) is the fourth omnibus project describing the theme of human rights. The fourth project is comprised of five short films made by five...

The Bean Chaff Of My Life (2003)

The Bean Chaff of My Life

Rank #56171

That rare story of two best friends falling in love, The Bean Chaff of My Life is a funny, endearing drama about two people looking for the perfect one. Punctuated...

ARKO: Sidereus (2021)

ARKO: Sidereus

Rank #99999

1598, when the sun is believed to revolve around the earth. Galileo, an Italian mathematician and university professor, is offered a study on the universe with a book entitled “The...

2022 DIMF Musical Star

Rank #99999

“DIMF Musical Star” is a youth musical performer competition held by Daegu International Musical Festival, and now it comes back with the 2022 edition. (Source: MyDramaList)...

Again (2020)


Rank #99999

Women who burned their passion for arts in the midst of trials, sing that deep bond and unyielding hope! Yeon Ju who is only a 10-year old assistant director, is...

Xcalibur the Musical Documentary: DK’s Brilliant Journey (2022)

Xcalibur the Musical Documentary: DK’s Brilliant Journey

Rank #99999

A new interpretation of SEVENTEEN’s DK on the legend of King Arthur, ‘a hardworking genius vocalist’, DK’s own documentary of King Arthur! The ‘brilliant journey’, which you must see if...


Rank #99999

Takes place at an elite fashion school where students work hard to achieve their dreams, finding both love and friendship on the way. Amy, Yena’s role, is the daughter of...

The First Issue (2019)

The First Issue

Rank #99999

An omnibus piece intended to bring romance back to the current generation. Short films: “The Designated Driver”, “Let’s Get Divorced”, “Ambivalently Yours”, “Sorry”, and “The Congressman”. The short films range...

Turandot (2022)


Rank #99999

The curse of the darkness where the sun does not rise has fallen on the world, and Turandot, who has a cold heart, receives proposals from many men for his...

A Killer Party (2021)

A Killer Party

Rank #99999

“criminal Party, nine episodes about the Yangsuri tragic end case” Shin Soon-kyeong, a police detective at the highly trusted Yangsuri police station, starts writing her memoirs after finishing her chores....

Midnight Sun

Rank #99999

Sheltered since childhood, 17-year-old girl lives with a life-threatening sensitivity to sunlight. Her world opens up after dark when she ventures out to play her guitar for random travelers. One...