MBLAQ Korean Dramas & Movies

MBLAQ's Hello Baby (2012)

MBLAQ’s Hello Baby

Rank #1676

Hello Baby is South Korean reality show where celebrities experience parenthood by raising children ages 5 and under. Fifth season is global season because all babies multi-cultural children. MBLAQ have...

Hello Counselor: Season 1 (2010)

Hello Counselor Season 1

Rank #2052

Hello Counselor is a talk show with an emphasis on regular people, regardless of age or gender, that aims to help take down communication barriers by sharing stories about life....

Late Night Ghost Talk (2021)

Midnight Horror Story Season 1

Rank #37117

The hosts read the scariest horror stories submitted by the public, searching for the best horror storyteller with the spookiest story winning a final prize of 444,444 won. (Source: HaEl987...

Begin A Game (2018)

Begin a Game

Rank #37367

“Begin a Game” is a 2018 South Korean game program in which its guests will play games and share stories of past memories relating to said game. (Source: Hankook Ilbo)...

All the K-Pop (2012)

All the K-Pop

Rank #40463


Idol Show: Season 5 (2009)

Idol Show Season 5

Rank #40583

A weekly Korean variety show hosted by the nation’s most popular teen idol groups. It has a total of 5 seasons....

Show Me the Money Season 11

Rank #40716

Producers: Lil Boi and GroovyRoom, Jay Park and Slom, The Quiett and Leellamarz, and JUSTHIS and R. Tee are here to discover new rappers in this hip-hop survival program. (Source:...

Some Vival 1+1 (2019)

Some Vival 1+1

Rank #43406

A reality show where contestants will find love in a mart. It is a unique concept where contestants with similar tastes are paired. Contestants who fail to find a match...

Idol Maknae Rebellion (2009)

Idol Maknae Rebellion

Rank #45285

A variety show featuring only the youngest members of various idol groups....

Beatles Code 3D (2013)

Beatles Code 3D

Rank #48599


First Day of Work (2014)

First Day of Work

Rank #99999

“First Day of Work” (Korean: 오늘 부터 출근) is a Korean variety show on tvN that started on September 20, 2014. Real-life workplace variety shows that allows artists to experience...