Loveless Marriage Korean Dramas & Movies

Love Affairs in the Afternoon (2019)

Love Affairs in the Afternoon

Rank #2354

Son Ji Eun is a housewife who works part-time at a mart. She is quiet and sincere, even as she feels trapped in her unhappy life and lonely marriage. One...

Wanted (2016)


Rank #3724

Jung Hye In is a top actress in Korea who reigns over dramas, movies, and commercials. However, her son is unauthorized takingped on the day she announces her retirement. With...

Drama Special Season 11: Modern Girl (2020)

Drama Special Season 11: Modern Girl

Rank #4764

Set during the era when Korea was under Japanese occupation. Shin-Deuk is the daughter of a poor noble family. She married Jong-Suk at a young age. Her in-laws, who are...

Queen of Housewives (2009)

Queen of Housewives

Rank #6784

Chun Ji Ae and Yang Bong Soon are high school classmates who did not have the best relationship with each other. Ji Ae was the most popular girl in school...

If Blooming Flowers Weeped (1990)

If Blooming Flowers Weeped

Rank #99999

A melodrama depicting the love and conflict between a woman who married into a loveless relationship because of her father’s business, and a man who loves her. What the two...