LOONA Korean Dramas & Movies

New World (2021)

New World

Rank #391

In this reality show, six celebs arrive at a magical island called The New World. For 6 days they work through challenges to gain a virtual currency, which places them...

Running Girls (2020)

Running Girls

Rank #1476

“Running Girls” is a reality program in which female K-pop idols in their twenties will join a “running crew” to seek out beautiful natural running courses in South Korea. The...

Queendom Season 2

Rank #3794

Following the success of “Queendom” in 2019, a fresh group of six all-female acts at various stages of their careers heads to the stage to duke it out in the...

The First Date: Season 2 (2020)

The First Date Season 2

Rank #35068

A friendship project for female idol singers, The First Date! This time, a real successful fan made her dream come true! A true Orbit, Jihan from Weeekly cried again after...

LOONA Log (2020)


Rank #35222

LOONA LOG is a reality TV show featuring LOONA members and their own personal vlogs, that are edited themselves. Each episode features a specific member and their adventures....

Loona Kick Kick (2017)

Loona Kick Kick

Rank #35276

Another documentary following South Korean girl group LOONA behind the scenes, but focusing on prerecorded content before shows and lives, airing on LOONA’s official Facebook page; starting back during Love&Live...

Loona TV (2016)

Loona TV

Rank #35613

Loona TV is a one minute documentary that shows the behind the scenes journey of the South Korean girl group Loona....

LOONA Practice Room Challenge (2020)

LOONA Practice Room Challenge

Rank #35919

A short series containing South Korean girl group Loona in thier practice room answering questions from fans and doing challenges....

Go Won TV (2019)

Go Won TV

Rank #35978

Go Won TV is a vlog series that follows Go Won, the 11th member of South Korean girl group Loona, with behind the scenes footage of the group through her...



Rank #36135

South Korean K-pop girl group LOONA goes on a trip to amusement park Everland....

Season B Season 3 (2022)

Season B Season 3

Rank #36317


Chuu Can Do It (2021)

Chuu Can Do It Season 1

Rank #36335

Chuu (member of LOOΠΔ) tries her best to share the environmental issues going on in our world today and how to combat them. (Source: MyDramaList)...

Loona TV Prequel (2016)

Loona TV Prequel

Rank #36394

A short series following the LOONA girls before debut and before debuting their first full show, “LOONA TV”....

Chuu Can Do It 2 (2021)

Chuu Can Do It Season 2

Rank #36457

Season 2 of the hit web-variety series by Chuu (member of LOOΠΔ), in this season, she tries harder to share the environmental issues going on in our world today and...

The Iron Squad (2021)

The Iron Squad Season 1

Rank #36722

A competition variety where representatives from all across Korea can challenge other army, navy, and air force units in the name of their respected troop! The “military survival program” features...

Loona Note (2021)

Loona Note

Rank #36904

“Loona Note” is a new documentary series, upgraded from the one-minute Loona TV documentary, with their behind the scenes journey and music show behinds. (Source: Xavier Ng at MyDramaList)...

Star Road: LOONA (2020)

Star Road: LOONA

Rank #36936

OSEN’s “Star Road” is a program where Korean celebrities showcase charms that haven’t been seen yet or a different side of celebrities than the ones fans know on stage. From...

2020 Idol Woof Woof Athletics Championships Chuseok Special (2020)

2020 Idol Woof Woof Athletics Championships Chuseok Special

Rank #37110

In the upcoming “Idol Woof Woof Athletics Championships,” idols will direct their pet dogs through an obstacle course as a test of their agility. The competition will be held outside,...

Inkigayo (1991)


Rank #37292

The show features some of the latest and most popular artists who perform on stage. It is broadcast from the SBS Open Hall in Deungchon-dong, Gangseo-gu, Seoul....

City Fisherman 2 (2019)

City Fisherman Season 2

Rank #37381

Three celebrities known as fishing fanatics among celebrities have gathered to share their love for fishing! They will share with viewers the secret fishing spots with beautiful sceneries and must-go...