Lonely Female Lead Korean Dramas & Movies

The Spy: Undercover Operation (2013)

The Spy: Undercover Operation

Rank #4175

Undercover agent Chul Soo finds himself trapped in the biggest dilemma of his career when he spots his oblivious wife, Yeong Hui, while on a mission in Thailand. What surprises...

Josee (2020)


Rank #4268

A small city on the outskirts of Seoul. Young Seok, a university student nearing graduation, comes across a woman in the street who has fallen from her wheelchair and helps...

The Day I Died: Unclosed Case (2020)

The Day I Died: Unclosed Case

Rank #4327

On a dark stormy night, a young witness to her father’s crime disappears on an island leaving her shoes on the cliff and her last will in her house. Due...

Right Now

Right Now, Wrong Then

Rank #7837

By mistake, film director Ham Chun Su arrives in Suwon a day early. With time to terminate before his lecture the next day, Chun Su stops by a restored, old...

First Love (2016)

First Love

Rank #41068

After meeting in high school, two women fall in love and spend their lives together–though they’ve had to keep their relationship hidden for 40 years. But when they receive unexpected...

Home without Me (2017)

Home without Me

Rank #44304

Sae Young, the 4th grade girl always feels getting less attention than what her older sister, Sun Young gets in the family. Their working parents have no free time to...

Into the Sunlight (1999)

Into the Sunlight

Rank #45032

Self-absorbed and rebellious, In Ha constantly knocks heads with his disapproving father and estranged brother Myung Ha, an angry gangster that has nothing but hate for the family he never...

Love in the Tinder Age (2020)

Love in the Tinder Age

Rank #45117

Yeon Joo despises herself. She can’t help picking a fight. She pushes people away even when she doesn’t want to. Also, being a lesbian doesn’t help the fact that she...

Second Life (2019)

Second Life

Rank #50565

Seon Hee, a high school girl, starts a small lie to attract attention from her friends. But when the truth gets out, her friends start to leave her out and...

Lucky Chan-Sil (2020)

Lucky Chan Sil

Rank #51199

I gave my life to film and now the only thing left is my screwed life! After a sudden death of the director she worked with for a long time,...

Superpower Girl (2017)

Superpower Girl

Rank #51487

‘Superpower girl’ Mina. Top of her class, the center of attention and envy. ‘No-power girl’ Juri. Her classmates sometimes forget she even exists. One day, Mina can’t seem to close...

Luv Pub: Pilot (2017)

Luv Pub: Pilot

Rank #51550

Episode 1: What happens when you waitress at a “hunting pocha”? Episode 2: Break up vs get over it if you catch your boyfriend flirting? This is why it’s scary...

The Wicked

The Wicked

Rank #54307

Se Yeong is the new employee at an office. She’s a bit awkward and introverted. Her stubborn team leader is Lee Seon who takes a quick dislike to Se Yeong’s...

A Tiger in Winter (2018)

A Tiger in Winter

Rank #57325

One winter day, a tiger escapes from the zoo. Gyeong Yu, who has been living off of his girlfriend, is suddenly abandoned by her for reasons he can’t understand. Having...