Life Lesson Korean Dramas & Movies

Punch Lady (2007)

Punch Lady

Rank #5520

Ha Eun’s husband, Ju Chang, is a mixed martial arts champion who does not hesitate to practice Guillotine chokes or low kicks outside the ring. Ha Eun decides she cannot...

Search Out (2020)

Search Out

Rank #5764

“What is the meaning of your life?” After this message arrived via SNS, death began! Police trainee Sung Min and job seeker Jun Hyuk both become suspicious after a young...

Circle House

Rank #35399

“Circle House” is a healing talk show that candidly shares realistic concerns experienced by the MZ generation in Korea and seeks solutions with applicants. (Source:

Humanimal (2020)


Rank #37003

“Humanimal” will contain the stories of life, death, and coexistence between humans and animals that occur all over the world. The documentary will be broadcast in three parts and will...

Life of Samantha (2019)

Life of Samantha

Rank #40664

The survival of the fittest is the primary rule in the African wild of Maasai Mara in Kenya. In the land of the jungle of the law, the survival story...

Can You Deliver Time? (2020)

Can You Deliver Time?

Rank #42631

An omnibus web series about four individuals filled with regret who are able to order delivery from a mysterious new restaurant called “Your Most Beautiful Days.” The order allows them...

Drama Special Season 10: Home Sweet Home (2019)

Drama Special Season 10: Home Sweet Home

Rank #43040

Soo Ah is an architectural designer. Her boyfriend, Yoo Chan proposes to her, but she tells a lie to him. What is the secret involving the house and her lie?...

Bank of Seoul (2019)

Bank of Seoul

Rank #46952

Seong Jae works at a major firm, but always works late due to the workload. Once, he falls asleep while working overtime and reaches the Sleep Bank, where he takes...

Cheers to Me

Cheers to Me

Rank #53035

An ordinary single woman who enjoys cooking and dining alone in the evenings, Ra Yeo Joo is an editor at a publishing house where she’s worked for the past ten...

Top Teacher (2022)

Top Teacher

Rank #99999

The best teachers from various fields give unique lectures! Every week, experts and scholars will explain the history, knowledge, and background stories of the hottest issues now. (Source: OnDemandKorea)...

Park Ha Kyung’s Journey

Rank #99999

Set in the 1990’s, Park Ha Kyung teaches Korean literature at a high school. To escape her ordinary days, Park Ha Kyung decides to take one day trips on Saturdays....