Lesbian Relationship Korean Dramas & Movies

Girlfriend Project Day 1

Rank #2882

Hee Ram and Ga In met in a general education class, Psychology of Love and intimate class. In this class, students have to perform a dating mission as a mock...

Two Weddings and a Funeral (2012)

Two Weddings and a Funeral

Rank #5712

A gay man, Min Soo and a lesbian, Hyo Jin are both promising doctors at a general hospital. The colleagues agree to marry so Hyo Jin can legally adopt a...

Love Tech (2021)

Love Tech

Rank #6356

How our relationships would look like if we can find out our break-up dates in advance? Jae-young and Soo-hyun matched on a dating app called [Destiny]. By the third year...

Graduation Film (2019)

Graduation Film

Rank #40140

Between yearning and inferiority complex. There are colleagues who meet after a long time. Yeong Ju and Chae Eun first became acquainted there. The two, who get along well with...

The Fifth Season (2018)

The Fifth Season

Rank #47960

From hiding their budding romance from their high school classmates to conflicts over coming out in their adult lives, lesbian couple Seonwoo and Eunha have overcome their share of struggles–but...

Things We Get Used To (2021)

Things We Get Used To

Rank #49876

Love can seem beautiful, enviable and mutual always. But sometimes he seems so cold, painful and delusional to some couples. And this is exactly what this couple show us, they...

Sui (2019)


Rank #54404

Sui and Jae Won are a class couple in high school. Then, on Jae won’s birthday, Sui worries about not hearing from Jae-won. (Source: GagaOOLala)...

Are You Pregnant With My Child? (2022)

Are You Pregnant With My Child?

Rank #56451

When Hyuk Soo agreed to give Yeon Yi his sperm for artificial insemination, this is not what he was expecting. (Source: MyDramaList)...

Little a Little (2022)

Little a Little

Rank #99999

Long-time lovers Yeon Woo and Da Bin will have argue for the first time due to a small incident. In this process, the two realize that they don’t know each...

Marry Me (2007)

Marry Me

Rank #99999

Ha Eun is a lesbian who lives with her mother and is close enough to share a room, but she cannot tell her mother that she is a lesbian. Her...

A Day of Dating

Rank #99999

“You know, I thought I could do anything with you. We always love together, we are unhappy together, we cry together.” As soon as Joo Young says those words, she...