Kung Fu Korean Dramas & Movies

Three Kims

Three Kims

Rank #50409

Kim Gwan Jang is leading a school of the traditional Korean martial art Taekkyon. His rival is the Kendo-master Kim Gwan Jang who is teaching at the same building. The...

Insa (2021)


Rank #55123

Tae Soo is a Kung Fu fan who lives on a remote island with his grandfather Kim Yeong Gam, will come to Seoul along with his uncle Ik Seong who...

Incredible Shaolin Thunderkick (1982)

Incredible Shaolin Thunderkick

Rank #99999

A young man, trained in the art of “Shaolin Thunderkick” must master 72 Shaolin styles in order to avenge the death of his mentor. (Source: IMDB)...

Hitman in the Hand of Buddha (1981)

Hitman in the Hand of Buddha

Rank #99999

A country bumpkin arrives to help his brother’s rice business. Things get out of hand while a rival company becomes corrupt. The bumpkin, an ace martial artist, fights off the...

Masters of Tiger Crane (1982)

Masters of Tiger Crane

Rank #99999

Li-Siu, a young Shaolin Monk finds the opportunity to practice his Kung-Fu teachings. During his practice he stumbles onto the tragic end of the Abbot as the Shaolin Temple and...

Tigresses (1978)


Rank #99999

Two sisters, separated after the tragic end of their father, spend the next 15 years mastering martial arts. When the meet again, they set off to bring their father’s criminal...

Shaolin Drunk Fighter (1983)

Shaolin Drunk Fighter

Rank #99999

Imperial guards are ordered to terminate the family of Hsiung Chih. He escapes the massacre, and also saves a roving swordsman. Hsiung flees to Shaolin Temple, where he meets up...

Bruce Lee's Ways of Kung Fu (1979)

Bruce Lee’s Ways of Kung Fu

Rank #99999

A ruthless Warlord from Manchuria builds a martial arts labyrinth that contains 18 martial art amazons, many try to enter but none leave, until Dragon Lee. Seeking to avenge his...

Twelve Gates of Hell (1980)

Twelve Gates of Hell

Rank #99999

Dragon Lee has his leg amputated and forges a replacement leg out of steel. (Source: IMDB)...

5 Pattern Dragon Claws (1983)

5 Pattern Dragon Claws

Rank #99999

The Silver Fox batters untold men with his deadly Thunder Foot Technique and rules supreme in the martial world, until a young fighter develops the Lightning Mantis Strike. (Source: IMDB)...

Bruce and Shaolin Kung Fu 2 (1978)

Bruce and Shaolin Kung Fu 2

Rank #99999

Lee Ching Lung has survived the dishonorable attempt on his life by the Japanese and is recovering with the help of a poor farmer. The Japanese general learns this and...

Fury in the Shaolin Temple (1979)

Fury in the Shaolin Temple

Rank #99999

A young boy finds himself alone in the world when his adoptive father disappears after a fight. His first thought is to go to Shaolin. (Source: IMDb)...