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The Battle of Jangsari (2019)

The Battle of Jangsari

Rank #1569

A guerrilla army unit led by Captain Lee Myung Joon and 772 student soldiers, including Choi Sung Pil, are on the ship Moonsanho and their destination is Jangsari. Their mission...

Paik's Spirit (2021)

Paik’s Spirit

Rank #3451

A reality series introducing Korean alcohol and food culture by Culinary Researcher Baek Jong Won. Drinks keep the conversation flowing as culinary star Baek Jong Won and celebrity guests talk...

Can I Join You? (2018)

Can I Join You?

Rank #99999

Celebrities meet ordinary citizens at rest areas along the busy routes during the Lunar New Year’s massive migration. The coincidental meetings bloom into unexpected friendship between strangers through good food...

Forbidden Fatherland (2020)

Forbidden Fatherland

Rank #99999

My father who existed, but without a smile. A documentary that deeply focuses and visits the trauma of Korea’s modern history for 70 years through the life of a father...

Kim Dae Jung Again (2020)

Kim Dae Jung Again

Rank #99999

Kim Dae Jung competed against Park Chung Hee of the Democratic Republican Party as the presidential candidate of the New Democratic Party, but lost in 1971. He then lead a...